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Fiat Lux- Commercial Breakdown VHS

Posted in 1980s, 1985, fiat lux, new wave, synthpop, uk on May 13, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

I’m pleased to offer this generous donation, a complete (audio only) Fiat Lux concert stripped lovingly from a VHS cassette and passed my way just a few days back. Entitled Commercial Breakdown, the show dates back to 1985, featuring a nine song set, with the studio version of “Secrets” being played both before and after, in video form.

The entire show is viewable in three parts on youtube, by searching for “Fiat Lux- Commercial Breakdown,” but for those interested in the audio, here’s the breakdown:

Fiat Lux- Commercial Breakdown VHS
1. Intro
2. Secrets (Video)
3. Blue Emotion
4. Photography
5. No More Proud
6. Sleepless Nightmare
7. The Moment
8. Comfortable Life
9. Embers
10. Splurge
11. House of Thorns
12. Secrets (Reprise)

*download it here*

Thanks to Craig for the donation! Otherwise, stay tuned today for another post to follow.

Fiat Lux- Discography

Posted in 1980s, 1982, 1983, 1984, fiat lux, new wave, synthpop, uk on May 6, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

I’ve been enamored with UK synthpop/new wave band Fiat Lux’s killer track “Secrets,” which was lovingly deposited into my collection a few weeks back. Since then, I’ve been trying to track down the band’s complete discography, piecing together extended mixes, 7” recordings, and as many unreleased tracks as I could muster, and I’m finally able to offer what I believe to be the complete discography of Fiat Lux. Though no track is as gloomy and delicious as “Secrets,” there are still quite a few obscure new wave cuts ripe for the discovery.

Fiat Lux, firstly, translates from Latin as “Let There Be Light,” originally a Biblical quotation. The three piece band formed in 1982, releasing a handful of Polydor singles along a three year period before disbanding in 1985. Though a few of these singles were collected as a mini-LP, Fiat Lux never issued a full-length album proper. Upon disbanding, vocalist Steve Wright joined Camera Obscura and formed Hoi Poloi. Meanwhile, multi-instrumentalist Dave Crickmore is currently a member of Durbervilles. Unfortunately however, saxophonist/keyboardist Ian Nelson (member of Tattoo Hosts Vision On! and brother of the infamous Bill Nelson of Be Bop Deluxe), died in his sleep in 2006.

Anyway, according to HiredHistory, a comprehensive fan made page, the following is Fiat Lux’s entire discography collected. There’s a few tracks that overlap, so please forgive the occasional dose of redundancy. Otherwise, I’ve also tracked down a handful of unreleased tracks, demoed over the years but never officially released. I’m on the hunt for more and will keep everyone posted if they turn up. Otherwise, without any further ado, here’s the rundown:

Feels Like Winter Again 7” (1982)
1. Feels Like Winter Again
2. This Illness

Photography 7” (1983)
1. Photography
2. Aqua Vitae

Photography 12” (1983)
1. Photography (Extended)
2. Aqua Vitae (Extended)

Secrets 12”* (1983)
1. Secrets
2. Comfortable Life
3. Aqua Vitae (Extended)

*there exists a 7” of “Secrets,” but the A and B side are the same as the 12”.

Blue Emotion 7” (1984)
1. Blue Emotion
2. Sleepless Nightmare

Blue Emotion 12” (1984)
1. Blue Emotion (Extended)
2. Sleepless Nightmare (Extended)

Hired History Mini-LP (1984)
1. Secrets
2. Photography (Extended)
3. Blue Emotion (Extended)
4. Comfortable Life
5. Sleepless Nightmare (Extended)
6. Aqua Vitae

House of Thorns 7” (1984)
1. House of Thorns
2. Three’s Company

House of Thorns 12” (1984)
1. House of Thorns (Extended)
2. Three’s Company (Extended)
3. Sally Free and Easy

Solitary Lovers 7” (1984)
1. Solitary Lovers
2. No More Proud

Solitary Lovers 12” (1984)
1. Solitary Lovers (Extended)
2. No More Proud (Proud Mix)
3. No More Proud (Dub Mix)

Unreleased Traxx:
1. Breaking the Boundary
2. The Moment
3. Solitary Lovers (Alt.)
4. Splurge

*download it here*

All of these tracks are sorely out of print, but perhaps the remaining members of the band can clean ’em up for a proper reissue. Otherwise, if you catch wind of any of these releases, snap them up! Otherwise, thanks again to HiredHistory for all their dedicated efforts in cataloging this band’s brief stint. Visit for more on the band, including press photos, gigography, and more information than you can shake a stick at! Otherwise, I’ll leave you with one final treat,┬áthe video for “Secrets,” my favorite track from the lot!