Voice- Anno Di Voce 12” (+Bonus Tracks)

Apologies for the disappearance, ladies and gents, been off the radar for most of last week. To make up for it, here’s a generous donation from a contributing member, which collects rare tracks and one 12” by Canadian synthpop act Voice. There’s little information to be found about the band (as it tends to be in matters like this), but otherwise, Voice featured contributions from Dwayne Goettel, who would join Skinny Puppy soon after their demise in 1986. Goettel also played keyboards in likeminded act Psyche, who would open for Skinny Puppy’s earlier incarnations.

Otherwise, seven tracks can be found in the file below. Four hail from the band’s 1985 Anno Di Voce 12”, released on Switch Records. The other three hail from an 1983 cassette release. An alternate version of “Lime” exists on this release, but the other two tracks are exclusive. The lineup on the cassette release was Malcolm Swann, Dwayne Goettel, Sherri Iwaschuk, and Jeff Sawatzky. Jeff would depart before the recording of the 12” single.

Without any further ado, here’s the info!

Voice- Anno Di Voce 12”
1. Lime
2. Business As Usual In Beirut
3. Wake Up Dreaming
4. I Am the Walrus [Beatles cover]

Bonus Tracks:
1. Holiday
2. Lime [Alt.]
3. Smile

*download both here*

Jeff has also been kind enough to include two bootlegs recorded in 1983 with the original lineup. The info:

Voice- Live @ Primetime
1. Awake
2. Birthright
3. Smiling
4. Broken Chains
5. Lime
6. Mellow Yellow
7. Holiday
8. Dangerous

Voice- Primetime Again
1. Awake
2. Birthright
3. Dangerous
4. Holiday 1
5. Holiday 2
6. Kaleidoscope

Thanks again to Jeff for all the information and donations!

13 Responses to “Voice- Anno Di Voce 12” (+Bonus Tracks)”

  1. Hey Frankie,
    I thought I included the covers…

    The three cassette songs were recorded in 1983…the band line-up was Malcolm Swann, Dwayne Goettel, Sherri Iwaschuk and me, Jeff Sawatzky.

    I left the band before Anno di Voce was recorded.

    I also have a couple of live bootlegs from the 1983 version of the band if you'd like. Voice often played with Darkroom…


    anything else you need to know just ask,

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwayne_Goettel

    and here's the myspace of OFFICE…the band before Voice


    I have the three song 7" 33.3 vinyl if you'd like.


    and some Psyche


  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    thanks for all the gaps filled in—> you may have included the covers originally, but i might have misplaced them in the interim. amending the post posthaste!

    didn't know you were *in* the band as well! very cool! thanks again for sending these traxx!

  4. my pleasure Frankie!

  5. Hey Frankie! here's some Vancouver post/punk Canadiana for you…Bolero Lava



    and yes, I was in the later incarnation of the band!

  6. this really seems to be a rare item 😉


  7. Hey Frankie! hope all is well with you.
    I just found this cd and thought you might like. It's a Vancouver band called HELLENKELLER, of which Darren Phillips was a member. I played with Darren in the Sarah McLachlan band. All info is in the file.
    here's the link…



  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Jeff, I was wondering if you could repost the bands you posted?

  9. […] briefly by Andy Graffiti and Linda McRae. Jeff Sawatsky (our gracious donator, also involved with Voice and Sarah McLachlan) and Sherri Leigh replaced Andy and Linda, and Mallory Temple was the final […]

  10. Giallokiller Says:

    Hi where can I get that “Primetime” & “Primetime Again”?


  11. A little something…Bill Damur here; and for your next update on the band, I joined in late 1982 on guitar, writing and co-writing with “Voice” , and named the album “Anno di Voce” as, well the Year of Voice, the year we would record this record. Malcolm has a compilation video of us over a couple years….live quick shots over his tune “What do we live for” ..if I remember it correctly….yes, there’s a chance I’ve got the title wrong……you can read my bio if you like, it’s found on the Alberta College Conservatory of Music Faculty site listed under “Winds” currently, I’m playing with a surf band….The Tsunami Brothers, and we have a recent release, currently working on another. Also, just finishing a jazz/rock fusion recording with the GeoMetrics. To be released soon digitally only As I understand. Any questions you might have find me on Facebook. Cheers, B.

    • Hey Bill…VOICE did not exist until 1983. You may have joined the band in late 1983 after I was fired and you and Rod replaced me. Just an update…

  12. 385 / 5000
    Resultados de traducción
    I was looking for information from Voice, finally I found anecdotes and relevant information. Thank you for your contributions and to the members of the band for enriching this information. I hope everyone is well at home.

    My best regards from your servant Marix, from Lima-Peru. You can locate me on facebook as Marix Marixpulp or instagram @marixpulp

    P.S; I love “wake up dreaming”.

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