Weimar Gesang- 12” Discography

Though a few demo cassettes and live material are circling around in rather incomplete and poor quality, here’s the official recorded output of Italian darkwave/minimal synth band Weimar Gesang, which amounts to three 12” releases. There are also a handful of compilation appearances alongside the live/demo cassettes, but I’ve been unsuccessful in tracking them down as of yet.

Not a lot of information about the band to be found otherwise. The band consisted of four members: Donato Santarcangeli, Fabio Magistrali, Giuseppe Tonolini, and Paolo Mauri, a few of which went on to play in various other Italian bands over the years. If anyone has some concrete info about these fantastically gloomy fellows, feel free to contribute below.

That all said, here’s the information for there three 12” releases.  Recommended heavily for fans of the Cure/New Order/Victrola.  So many favorite songs here, including “Chantal’s Secret,” “Light-Tight Place,” and “Worn Out Prayer.”

Weimar Gesang- Even Stone Pales 12” (1984)
1. Held Inside
2. Annual Ring
3. Chantal’s Secret
4. Held Inside Again

Weimar Gesang- The Colours Of Ice (1985)
1. Deceit
2. Like In A Mirror
3. Melt Your Sight
4. One Promise Less
5. Torn Envelope

Weimar Gesang- No Given Path 12” (1986)
1. Du Bist
2. The Secret Us
3. Light – Tight Place
4. When The Moon Splits The Gloom
5. Worn Out Prayer
6. Mother Of Nothing

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 7.23.13)

EDIT: A comrade over at the Krupnik blog has featured the Afterglow compilation, which features three further Weimar Gesang traxx, none of which appear on these 12 inches! Click here to nab it.

Otherwise, as previously mentioned, I do have a really shoddy live recording from 1985 kicking around. I can’t really recommend it, but if anyone’s dying to hear it, shout below and I’ll upload it separately.

16 Responses to “Weimar Gesang- 12” Discography”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It seems that there was more to Italy in the 80s than Cheetahchrome Motherfucker. Who knew?
    Thanks for the share, Frankie.

  2. Thabnks for sharing. I see they have a fan-myspace http://www.myspace.com/weimargesang and also released a CD in 2003 which is a compilation of Colours of ice and No Given Path http://www.electrocity.it/Discografie/weimar_gesang.htm .

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    anon- thanks for the contribution! i have parts of that tape floating around, but not the whole thing. i'll add it above, if you don't mind?

  4. dorisdahmer Says:

    Oh thank you! I'm italian and I was looking forward to see Weimar Gesang on your page!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi frankie,
    obviously feel free to add "Our Silent Growth" above…

    Here's also the tracks from their split with Plastic Trash,
    but it's a very muddy-sounding transfer tape that i've got here unfortunately… :-/

  6. ALTCERF Says:

    I'm always looking forward to your new posts..you introduce me to obscure bands (at least for me)..keep up the good work..as always, an amazing post!

  7. allelimo Says:

    Some notes about Weimar Gesang:

    1. The ep's list is correct

    2. The "our silent growth" cassette was released before the first ep, the right list of songs is:
    A1 – Frail Moments
    A2 – Torn Souls
    A3 – The Play
    B1 – Show Me
    B2 – Motionless Dance
    B3 – Frail Moments (Second View)

    3. On soulseek there is a widely available "our silent growth" that it is not correct, it is actually a mislabed vm2 split tape that was attached to the number 2 of my fanzine "Vm".
    It was released between the first and he second ep, and the right list of songs for vm2 split tape is:
    B1- Our Silent Growth
    B2 – Remaining Years
    B3 – The Dragging
    B4 – Light-Tight Place

    4. The songs from Afterglow compilation are all from "our silent growth" or "vm2 split tape" but in a very bad quality.

    5. I've never seen a copy of the compilation-cd mentioned in http://www.electrocity.it/Discografie/weimar_gesang.htm, I think it was actually a "projected" release…

  8. allelimo Says:

    WG was:
    Paolo Mauri – bass, keyboards and vocals
    Fabio Magistrali – drums and keyboards
    Beppe Tonolini – guitar until "The colours of Ice"
    Donato Santarcangeli – guitar on "No given path"
    Cesare Malfatti – guitar after "No given path"
    Enrica Toninelli – keyboards on "Our silent growth"

  9. frankie teardrop Says:

    allelimo, thank you tremendously for all the additional information between these two posts! muchly appreciated for filling in the gaps!

  10. dorisdahmer Says:

    you're both great guys! thanks!

  11. Thanks! This is great.

  12. Thank you for all the material! I am from Milan, Italy. I am 30 yrs old and I discovered Weimar Gesang only in the last month. They sound great! Do you have any other groups similar to them? New Wave Will Never Die!

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      I recommend Victrola for more Italian dark wave. There’s a lot of Weimar Gesang material here that others have donated too, so check the posts after this one!

  13. moggieboy Says:

    Excellent stuff – many thanks for this!

  14. OH! i Love You! Best! TY so much for dropping these gems! XOXO , +ESP the Der Bau K7 and Bethany Curve demo!

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