Weimar Gesang- Supplemental Materials

Thanks to two generous and anonymous donations, I’m pleased to upload the remaining tracks in Weimar Gesang‘s discography, including tracks from a split cassette with Plastic Trash.

I’ve unzipped, tagged, and reuploaded the files from the original Rapidshare files to keep everything together and circumvent Rapidshare’s waiting period. As an added bonus, I’ve included the live bootleg, entitled . Even in it’s low-quality, it may serve interesting to fans and otherwise completists.

Without any further ado, here’s the final batch of Weimar Gesang tracks!

Weimar Gesang- Our Silent Growth Cassette (1984)
1. Frail Moments
2. Torn Souls
3. The Play
4. Show Me
5. Motionless Dance
6. Frail Moments (Second View)

Weimar Gesang- VM Due Cassette (year unknown)
1. Our Silent Growth
2. Remaining Years
3. Gesang The Dragging
4. Light-Tight Place

Weimar Gesang- Live at Back Out, Roma 12.04.1985
1. Deceit
2. Melt Your Sight
3. Held Inside
4. Chantal’s Secret
5. Like in a Mirror
6. Worn Out Prayer
7. Du Bist/Light-Tight Place

*download all three releases here!*

More goodies to come in the near future, but thanks again to my anonymous benefactor for helping to complete the discography!

4 Responses to “Weimar Gesang- Supplemental Materials”

  1. allelimo Says:

    There is a last unofficial/private release after "No given path", a rough mix of the unreleased 4th record – it should have been a single with 2 songs:
    "Is it a crime" (a song of hard electronic, something like front 242) and a wonderful version of Nick Drake's "Place to be".
    It was given to some friends of the band right before the split-up.

  2. allelimo Says:

    I've forgot one more Weimar Gesang release: the first demotape, simply called "Weimar Gesang", recorded in 1983 (before "Our Silent Growth")
    The first side is recorded in studio and the second side is a live recording from October 1983.

    Side A
    1 – Frail Moments
    2 – Along The Walls
    3 – Locked In My Castle
    4 – Refusing
    5 – Show Me
    6 – Motionless Dance
    7 -Incomprehension

    Side B
    8 – Motionless Dance
    9 – Refusing
    10 – Locked In My Castle
    11 – Torn Souls
    12 – One Sweet Night

    I have both this tape and the tape with the unreleased single, as soon as I'll find a tape player I'll be happy to share them 🙂

  3. dorisdahmer Says:

    …and it would be very appreciated!thanks!

  4. The split cassette with Plastic Trash is from 1985, there's a full description on Discogs:

    If you enlarge the tape image you can read on its side "Allegato a VM N° 02", which translated means "attached to VM N° 02". I searched for the zine on the internet, and there's a full page for all the VM releases on Bandcamp, with all the VM tracks streamable:

    Hope this helps,

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