Performance- Performance 12”

Here’s one quick little burst of minimal synth to kick off your weekend. Clocking in at ten minutes total, here’s the lone 12” from French band Performance, released in 1982. “Pilotes” is the real winner here, a great midtempo, female fronted synth track. Afterwards, the record hits more experimental territories, with gloomy male vocals and short instrumental bursts. Bringing things full circle, the 12” concludes with some midtempo female fronted synthpop.

Interestingly enough, this 12” was released on Celluloid, the same label responsible for a handful of releases by Material, Tuxedomoon, Can, Yello, and Soft Cell. Quite an eclectic mix, if you check their releases page, and definitely a fitting label for this release. Here’s the info.

Performance- Performance 12”
1. Pilotes
2. Ideal Prison
3. Tapage Nocturne
4. Sécurité
5. Idéal Présent

*download link removed* – new 2 x 7” release of “Pilotes” can be found here, alongside a reworked version of “Sécurité!”

11 Responses to “Performance- Performance 12””

  1. frankie, seriously stop! we are psychically linked!

  2. Thank you Professor Romance!

  3. Dmytrij W. Says:

    my zip archive dont want to open(

  4. I'm sure this and the other records you have posted are great. Too bad zshare is such a piece of shit that I can't download anything.

  5. It is telling me the same thing. IT says the archive is unknown, or somehow damaged. Hope this can be fixed. Thanx Frankie 🙂

  6. frankie teardrop Says:

    not quite sure why there was an issue, but it's been reuploaded.

  7. Iam not sure either. I tried it again, said the same thing, so 'of course', Iam trying it again. It will work darnit. Perhaps is a z-share issue.. I'll find out….Nope. It always goes to only 1.31 m.b of the archive. Not sure what is going on. Thank-you anyways Sir. IAm sure it will work eventually 🙂

  8. frankie teardrop Says:

    have you tried another LP on the blog? i'm wondering if your connection is timing out beforehand. make sure you delete the temporary download of the file too.

    i might be open to switching file sharing providers in the near future, but i'm not sure which will keep the files live so long as they're downloading every now and then. open to suggestions that AREN'T rapidshare!

  9. Allright. Got it that time 😉

  10. Vanilla Face Says:

    Indeed. No rapidshit.

    I've been using mediafire and the files seem to be staying for quite a while. The main reason I like it is the instant downloads. No waiting/countdowns.

    I'm not particularly fond of it (due to the countdown), but megaupload holds onto files for ages.

  11. HI THERE!!



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