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Performance- Performance 12”

Posted in 1980s, 1982, avant-garde, experimental, french, minimal, minimal synth, Performance on February 12, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s one quick little burst of minimal synth to kick off your weekend. Clocking in at ten minutes total, here’s the lone 12” from French band Performance, released in 1982. “Pilotes” is the real winner here, a great midtempo, female fronted synth track. Afterwards, the record hits more experimental territories, with gloomy male vocals and short instrumental bursts. Bringing things full circle, the 12” concludes with some midtempo female fronted synthpop.

Interestingly enough, this 12” was released on Celluloid, the same label responsible for a handful of releases by Material, Tuxedomoon, Can, Yello, and Soft Cell. Quite an eclectic mix, if you check their releases page, and definitely a fitting label for this release. Here’s the info.

Performance- Performance 12”
1. Pilotes
2. Ideal Prison
3. Tapage Nocturne
4. Sécurité
5. Idéal Présent

*download link removed* – new 2 x 7” release of “Pilotes” can be found here, alongside a reworked version of “Sécurité!”

Spöön Fazer- Music For Life 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1982, avant-garde, Spöön Fazer, synth, uk, wave on December 5, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Today’s act is UK based avant-garde musician Spöön Fazer. Spöön Fazer was formed in 1978 as a solo venture for drummer Simon Patterson, who earned his nickname from his work in previous outfit The Whippets From Nowhere (a.k.a. 39 Steppes in later incarnations).

As Spöön Fazer, Simon would release a handful of singles, an EP, and a cassette-only recording, all exploring the avant-garde side of a budding wave scene. His calling card was a series of synth drums, drummed on heavily with sets of spoons. On record, two previous members of the Whippets joined Simon on bass, guitars, and backing vocals. As Simon’s career progressed, he developed a heavy interest in Japanese rhythms and instrumentation, which would manifest in Spoon Fazer’s last recordings.

Though Spöön Fazer’s discography is minute (and tough to pin down exactly what exists), Simon has since been involved in several working projects, as both a contributor and a remixer.

I’ve uploaded all three tracks from Spöön Fazer’s Music For Life 7”, also occasionally referred to as the ‘Do Different Dances’ single. I believe this release was combined with another 7” to form the more widely known Music 2 Live 2 = Music 4 Life single.


Spöön Fazer- Music For Life/Do Different Dances 7”
1. Do Different Dances
2. Beat Dance Drumming
3. Motorway Amber Time

*download it here*

Here’s a handful of useful links on Spöön Fazer. The first looks to be an official site (though I can’t seem to get it loaded fully- but it could just be me) and the second, an interview with Simon Patterson from a Spöön Fazer fansite.

Spoon Fazer homepage
An interview with Simon Patterson