Psychic Youth- Step In Time 7”

For my third and final 7” for today, here’s Psychic Youth’s lone 1982 recording, two tracks of minimal synth bliss. Anna Logue was carrying the final copies of this 7”, unearthed after several years, but now they’re all gone, and all copies seem to be fetching a pretty penny on the internet. Otherwise, this is one of the best minimal synth obscurities around, and one of the few great US synth bands, hailing from Long Island/NY. Hope you enjoy it!

Psychic Youth- Step In Time 7”
1. Step In Time
2. The Future Now

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 9.10.12)

EDIT: It seems like all copies of this single are a pretty poor quality pressing.  Just obtained a near mint copy over here and re-ripped it and cleaned it up the best I could.   Still not perfect, but hope you enjoy the updated version!

4 Responses to “Psychic Youth- Step In Time 7””

  1. Even more?!? Today is a very good day. I can't wait to hear this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. OK, I heard it. It's good. I'm very happy. This makes my day. Thanks again!

  3. coming soon! he'll be at Wierd in April when I dj on the 14th!

  4. Brilliant, just brilliant!!!!!

    many thanks

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