Repetition- The Still Reflex 7”

Have a few more 7” records to post over the next little while, so might as well keep them coming.

This particular post features a solid 7” by Belgian post-punk band Repetition, a five piece featuring an ex-member of Spizzenergi (Pete Petrol). The two tracks hail from 1981, and sound a bit Siouxsie-ish, a rather popular sound at the time.

After releasing this single, the band switched vocalists to Steve Musham, who would go on to form jangle-pop band The Corn Dollies in the mid 80s. Musham would sing on the 1981 follow up A Full Rotation and 1982’s A Will to Win. Sarah Osborne, vocalist for this single, also sang for Marine, KLINGONS and lastly and most prominently for new wave band Allez Allez. Osborne married the Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory, the pair having met during bandmate Martyn Ware’s production work for Allez Allez’s second album Promises.

Otherwise, both tracks on this single are essential listening for that cold, early post-punk sound. Enjoy!

Repetition- The Still Reflex 7”
1. The Still Reflex
2. Fade Out

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 5.31.13)

6 Responses to “Repetition- The Still Reflex 7””

  1. This looks good!

  2. As you say, the sound is Siouxsie-ish. But no lame imitators, the songs are really good if you listen more than once. Thanks for sharing and for providing that interesting background info!

  3. A great band, love this sound! Now, did they relaease an album(on cassette)?? I read they did, do you have any magic up your sleeve to post it on your great site? (from will at thanks for one excellent site!

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  5. Repetition- The Still Reflex 7”
    1. The Still Light

    should be

    1. The Still Reflex

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