Svart Klovn- Knust Knekt 7”

Here’s the 1983 debut single from Norweigan minimal synth artist Svart Klovn, otherwise known as Kid Death. The title track was also featured on the 1984 Burning the Midnight Sun compilation and later remastered for the fantastic Maskindans compilation that dropped last year, while the b-side is a fast and furious piece of minimal synth.

The only other Svart Klovn releases are the 1986 Queen Bitch 7” and the Kid D. & the Nightshades LP, both featured over at Crispy Nuggets with some additional information about Kid Death and Svart Klovn. Check it out.

Svart Klovn- Knust Knekt 7”
1. Knust Knekt
2. Macho Manifest

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 3.3.13)

2 Responses to “Svart Klovn- Knust Knekt 7””

  1. Really great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I first heard the Knust Knecht track on an 1984 compilation called Burning The Midnight Sun. I've been hoping to hear it again for years. Thanks.

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