Play- You Don’t Look The Same/In My Mind 12”

Sorry for the barrage, but here’s a second post for this weekend. Before I begin, might I draw your attention to the original Der Deutsche Adel post, which has been updated with a 320kpbs, clean-as-a-whistle rip, for any fans of that fantastic record.

With that in mind, here’s a pair of singles by Play. In a previous post, I had uploaded their Red Movies LP, which was donated with a few bonus tracks tacked on to the end. These extra remixes were ripped at low quality, so I’ve rectified that not once, but twice with these following two releases! Even the band’s initial 12” is represented here, so that should bring us up to speed with a complete discography!

Play- You Don’t Look the Same MLP
1. This Little Girl
2. Deeper Than Blue
3. You Don’t Look the Same (Remix)
4. Erase the Memory
5. Chasing the Sun
6. In My Mind (Remix)
7. Red Movies

Play- In My Mind 12”
1. In My Mind
2. Red Movies
3. In My Mind (Remix)

DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED- at long last, Medical Records has reissued the entire Play discography (Red Movies LP + the extra remixes here) on LP.  Order HERE on Bandcamp!

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  1. sweet! do you have anything from greg vandike? ive been looking everywhere

  2. …Greg Vandike's 'Clone' and 'Marie Celeste' were posted here couple weeks ago:

  3. Exelente! muchas gracias

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