Man Klan- Flesh Machine LP

Second on the slab we have Man Klan’s lone LP, released in 1987. Can’t seem to find much about these guys either, and their entire discography consists of two 12” releases in 1985, this LP, and a 12” single for “Wanting & Waiting.” I believe the band was Swedish, though this particular LP was released on a UK label and features vocals in English. Pretty fluent, to boot!

Some great female fronted gothic grooves on here, sort of reminiscent of Concrete Blonde, (Devils era) X-Mal Deustchland, or Missing Persons, with sexually ambiguous lyrics. Striking similarities to mid-period Siouxsie as well, though track six is not a cover of the Banshees hit.

Man Klan- Flesh Machine LP
1. Wanting & Waiting
2. Everytime
3. Love For Pleasure
4. No Time For Mercy
5. Redheads
6. Candyman
7. Getting Closer
8. Fisherman
9. Flesh Machine
10. Love Child

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 4/2/22)

Up next: the highly coveted debut LP from Sanity Plexus! Just got a fresh copy in the mail!

4 Responses to “Man Klan- Flesh Machine LP”

  1. 80's Best Says:

    tienen todo el sonido clasico de esos años y muy similar a los "Siouxsie Banshees" …Gracias por compartir esto.
    y muy buena al cancion CandyMan.

  2. they also released two mini-lps before this, both really good. the bassist from kitchen & the plastic spoons (!) started the group after kitchen broke up.

  3. Bleifrei95 Says:

    Yes, the band is Swedish. I'm from Sweden. Thank you for all the wonderful uploads!

  4. Jan Sundström Says:

    One of the band memers has been posting on this page:
    Relating to their support slot to Sisters of Mercy.

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