Soviet Sex- End of INRI LP

Last week, I left you kids with a trio of synth-based dance records. Now, to switch over to the guitar driven side of things for a few posts. Up on the slab for today we have the 1984 debut of Soviet Sex, a post-punk band based in Switzerland. There are also two other bands with this name- a band from the US and a band from the Netherlands (featured here), but according to a few pieces of info kicking around and the band members listed on the sleeve of this record (Beat Rohrer, Vico, Alwin Luschin, and Jost Baggenstos), I believe this is a completely separate entry.

According to the Swiss Punk Archive, the band’s roots lie in a band called Crazy, a more punk-driven outfit. Naturally, the sounds here are still fast and energetic, but there’s a bit more gloom and tension in these songs. Definitely recommended for fans of Ziyo and Siekiera. Here’s the info:

Soviet Sex- End of INRI LP
1. S√ľnde
2. Walpurgis Night
3. Immer Noch Das Leben
4. Trauer
5. Bare Bodies
6. Zwischen Wann Und Wirklichkeit
7. Rettet Uns!
8. Weisser Tod
9. Geschirr Zerbricht

*download it here*

The band would follow this LP up with the Blind Dogs 12” in 1985, just before disappearing. Would love to hear that one, if anyone has a copy kicking around!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh yes. Loved this. Is defietely like a combo of Siekierra 'Nowa Aleksandra'period, with perhaps a dash of De Press? If anyone has the 12, I would love to hear it aswell.

  2. Members of SOVIET SEX/CRAZY are now in Old-School-Punkrockband MOPED LADS

    In the end of august they’re going to celebrate their 20th birthday party at sedel/lucerne/switzerland

  3. […] notice the interviewer keeps mentioning a band called Soviet Sex (the Dutch band, not the Swiss Soviet Sex). Turns out the founder of the Pirate TV Station PKP was involved with the band, and shot their […]

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