Sanity Plexus- Devil’s Deception 12”

Almost had a heart attack when my freshly mailed copy of this had sibilance issues. Fortunately, it was just a brief turntable malfunction, and I’m able to bring you this stellar debut from England’s Sanity Plexus.

The two-piece band hailed from Manchester, home of some of the best post-punk bands in the world, so you can expect some fruitful gems here. Aggressive drum machines (most running a similar, but effective program), incisive guitar work, yet solid, danceable rhythms. A real treat!

It seems the band earned quite the following during their tenure, which lasted for three LPs. The band grew poppier and less aggressive with each release, which culminated in a name change. Sexus, as the band would then be known, grew in popularity into the early 1990s with a more acid house sound, typical of England at the time. Sexus released two LPs before disbanding.

You can fill in a few more details by visiting the band’s site, which appears to be run by a member. You can also download the title track from the band’s second release, the Tough Guy Shell 12”. Without any further ado, here’s the info for this killer release.

Sanity Plexus- Devil’s Deception 12”
1. Top
2. Masculine Mask
3. Squalor
4. A Boy Can Get Scared
5. Stains
6. Service With a Smile

*download it here* (reuploaded @320kbps)

6 Responses to “Sanity Plexus- Devil’s Deception 12””

  1. oh my! thank you so much. i'm really so happy now. now, we must find 'fidelity', their debut and onyl album which is very hard to find.

    i'm big fan of sanity plexus and especially Sexus. It's so shame now their songs are have -100 listeners.

    please sent me a e-mail. i can sent you some sexus songs.

    take care

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hello,friend.I've downloaded a lot of your music.My patagonic winter gonna be a lot more beautiful with these records,thank you so much for the work done.diego

  3. […] of these records were released on the same label as the debut 12”, which you can nab here if you missed it. Without any further ado, here’s the […]

  4. […] I’ve also been revisiting some of my own posts from the past, the most recent being the first Sanity Plexus 12”, which I’ve cleaned up to the best of my ability (it’s still a rather poor […]

  5. Thanks so much for this one!

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