Atelier Du Mal- Noblesse Oblige Demo K7

Up next we have a killer demo tape from Italian minimal synth band Atelier Du Mal. I’m usually not too fond of cassettes, as I find the sound quality to be very sub-par on the whole, but this one is a real gem. Barely sounds like a cassette, let alone a demo, for that matter!

This is the band’s only official release, though track two, ‘Back to Taiwan,’ has been reissued as part of the Crollo Nervoso DVD set, essential listening/viewing for fans of obscure Italian wave.

Enough chatter, here’s the info:

Atelier Du Mal- Noblesse Oblige Demo K7
1. A Promise
2. Back to Taiwan
3. Another Kind of Madness
4. Waiting for Someone
5. Staticita
6. Palau
7. Marienbaad
8. Decadence (Underground Life)

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED* – this tape has been reissued by Mannequin! Pick it up here.

That’s all for today (major treat coming soon- stay tuned), but I’d like to draw your attention to the De Press LP post from years past. Freshly re-uploaded, for those who missed out the first time. Thanks to all for keeping me on my toes!

5 Responses to “Atelier Du Mal- Noblesse Oblige Demo K7”

  1. De press is an excellent band. I love the song 'blok to blok'. Definatelely gonna check out this one too 🙂

  2. theCOLDTEARS Says:

    Hello S.O.R.,
    Great post.
    It was a long time I was looking for the "ATELIER DU MAL" in Network & thanks to you I did it. :)))

    I am immensely grateful!


  3. Hi Frankie,

    Thanks so much for the De Press post update. That album rocks. Signals is amazing. The whole album is. Your the best!



  4. Thanks to the ripper for this gem…do he ripped it for you? or for post it on the blogsphere?

  5. this is amazing stuff. i do a favorite tracks of the year list and two of their tracks made it onto my list ( thanks a lot!

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