The Intensive Care Unit- Skull Trans Fracture LP

I have a few more Russian treats in store, as well as one of the rarest synth records to post over the next few days, but today’s posts come from mr. BX. First up, we have some killer minimal synth from Israel.

Released on CBS in 1983, this is Intensive Care Unit’s lone LP. Not quite sure how many people were involved in total, but one of the band members was Hadar Goldman, also involved in Siam and the Impolight. Jerky minimal synth grooves here, recommended for fans of Borghesia, Max & Intro, and even some of the Russian greats we’ve been talking about lately! Here’s the info:

The Intensive Care Unit- Skull Trans Fracture LP
1. Intensive Care Unit
2. Do# (C Sharp)
3. Yum-Yumi
4. No1
5. Normal Game
6. Opposite Man
7. Plastic Garden
8. Tikon
9. Atra
10. Train

*download it here*

6 Responses to “The Intensive Care Unit- Skull Trans Fracture LP”

  1. Heard this the other day. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Amazing blog. Just want to let you know there's something wrong with the download link.

  3. Great Blog. Just want to let you know the link for ICU is not working. Hopefully you have a chance to fix it.


  4. …Doron Eyal was also involved in Chromosome previously,
    which was another magnificent post-punkish ep from Israel!

  5. frankie teardrop Says:

    to the anon above- just rechecked the download link and don't seem to have any issues on my end. clear out your cache/reboot, etc. and give it another shot!

    anyone else having a problem with this one?

  6. Amazing blog! alot of thanks for this post bro. Btw, if your copy is mint, can be sold quietly in 300+ euro (;

    All the best from Israel

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