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Siam- War and Peace and Inbetween LP

Posted in 1980s, 1989, hadar goldman, intensive care unit, israel, new wave, post-punk, siam on March 11, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Curiously, I’ve just come across two bands with the name Siam, both of which will be featured here over the next few posts! This particular post concerns the Israeli band, featured on a previous Systems of Romance compilation.

This particular band formed in the mid-1980s, releasing a 12” in 1986 (as Saiam) and this full length record in 1989. Material was recorded for a second LP, but was scrapped as the band split. A few tracks saw the light of day on a posthumous collection, released in 1996. As for this LP, it’s definitely a new wave classic, chock full of post-punk rhythms, big hooks, and buzzing synths. Some tracks follow a similar rhythm driven sound as my last post, while others have a more anthemic feel akin to the likes of New Model Army and The Alarm. My favorite track is still the synth-driven “Changing,” but there’s definitely lots to love here.

Also worthy of note: this band features contributions from Hadar Goldman, who was one of the key players in Intensive Care Unit, previously featured here. I do believe that’s a photo of Goldman on the cover, who is often credited on electric viola. Word on the street is that the band reunited in 2006 and is working on new material.

Without any further ado, here’s the info for this release:

Siam- War and Peace and Inbetween LP
1. Choices
2. Private Jokes
3. B.R.O. (Dance Mix)
4. You Are Siam
5. Don’t Want To Understand
6. In The Realm Of
7. Changing
8. Tel Aviv Down Town
9. Life Goes On
10. Changing (Live)*

*bonus track, also featured on the band’s s/t collection.

*download it here*

The Intensive Care Unit- Skull Trans Fracture LP

Posted in 1980s, 1983, intensive care unit, israel, minimal, minimal synth, the intensive care unit on November 10, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

I have a few more Russian treats in store, as well as one of the rarest synth records to post over the next few days, but today’s posts come from mr. BX. First up, we have some killer minimal synth from Israel.

Released on CBS in 1983, this is Intensive Care Unit’s lone LP. Not quite sure how many people were involved in total, but one of the band members was Hadar Goldman, also involved in Siam and the Impolight. Jerky minimal synth grooves here, recommended for fans of Borghesia, Max & Intro, and even some of the Russian greats we’ve been talking about lately! Here’s the info:

The Intensive Care Unit- Skull Trans Fracture LP
1. Intensive Care Unit
2. Do# (C Sharp)
3. Yum-Yumi
4. No1
5. Normal Game
6. Opposite Man
7. Plastic Garden
8. Tikon
9. Atra
10. Train

*download it here*