The Bridge- Love Dance 12”

I have one more thing to post today, so might as well drop it now, while the iron is hot. Here’s a classic 12” by The Bridge, a DJ favorite of mine for some time now, recently acquired on vinyl. I believe this synthpop outfit acted as a three piece, releasing several singles in the mid 1980s. This particular record was produced by Paul Bell, who then went on to form Zerra One.

There’s a bit of discrepency between their first two singles, so let me try my best to explain. As listed online, there’s both a 12” for Love Dance (today’s post) as well as a single release entitled Industrial Love Dance, but both feature the same tracklisting, more or less, with slightly tweaked titles. Maybe the label (Second Vision) thought it was best to steer clear of the ‘industrial’ tag? If anyone can shed some light on this situation, I would be most appreciative!

The versions on this 12” also appear on the Industrial Love Dance single, alongside a shorter, more radio-friendly version of side A, which I’ve uploaded seperately for good measure. So with this post, you get all three versions of “Love Dance,” an edgy synthpop track with excellent hooks and solid vocals. What more can you ask for?

The Bridge- Love Dance 12”
1. Love Dance (Love Mix)
2. Love Dance (Industrial Mix)

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 2.6.17)

You can nab the 7” version of the track from the Industrial Love Dance single by clicking here. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “The Bridge- Love Dance 12””

  1. Fantastic…Priceless =)

  2. FINALLY!! I recorded this on cassette one night from a retro night show and had NO idea who it was!! Soooo cool! Thanks for sharing this!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. When I was 17 (1987), I used to DJ parties, and I'd go to the local record shops to buy some discs, and I'd always see this record in the $1 bin. Just for giggles I bought it, and besides the New Order intro ripoff, I fell in love.
    Since then I sold most of my collection (yeah, I still cry about it), so thanks so much for this!

  4. Bandicoot Says:

    This is awesome!!


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