Data 3- Heartful of Soul 12”

Here’s a tasty synthpop single from 1984. This is the band’s only release, a three piece female fronted group from Canada who remind me a bit of The Flirts crossed with The Bangles. Pure dancefloor energy on both tracks, though I tend to favor the A-side (which is a clever rendition of The Yardbirds classic). The 12” was issued via Telescope Records, while a 7” was released in Europe via Dureco Benelux, which features slightly shorter mixes.

This one has been on constant loop since discovering it, and it can still be had for reasonable prices if you know where to look! Not much more I can say about this one, other than: ENJOY!

Data 3- Heartful of Soul 12”
1. Heartful of Soul
2. Who’s That?

*download it here* (re-ripped 4.17.17)

6 Responses to “Data 3- Heartful of Soul 12””

  1. 80's Best Says:

    Ghost Dance – Heart Full Of Soul?

  2. Hola saludos buen sitio esta agregado a "Rock-Blogroll"

    pon un link gracias

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Frankie, thx for these late uploads.
    By the way, I met last friday Alessandro, of 7" from the undergound!
    The world is not extended it seems!

    Guillaume (les Saigneurs de la night).

  4. Thank you, this is great!

  5. frankie teardrop Says:

    80s best- the track is actually a Yardbirds original, covered by both bands! Neat to see so many updated takes on it.

  6. These girls don’t remind me a thing about the Flirts.

    More like the Bangles in ’83 (gawd, hot chicks they were!!) (try “Cruel Summer” or, if you like, the whole “Deep Sea Skiving” album, then you know what I mean)

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