John Costello- Halflife K7

I have a few posts in line that go hand in hand with the Remote Viewing cassette posted a few weeks back. The first of such posts is the second tape from John Costello, one of the standouts from that compilation. His track “Gormenghast,” which was recorded live in Cardiff, also appears on the b-side to this cassette, alongside two other performances from that particular show. The a-side features lengthy tributes to popular horror scores. Either way, you can expect the same great synth work and haunting atmosphere on both sides. Here’s the information:

John Costello- Halflife K7
1. Halloween Suite
2. Texas Chainsaw
3. Flame Patterns
4. Surface Tension
5. Gormenghast

*download it here*

John Costello is still making a plethora of music, spanning several electronic styles. You can check out some of his current work via Myspace.

Also, for those interested, there are some great live videos from the infamous Cardiff concert (March 18th, 1989) available via Costello’s YouTube channel. Click here to check ’em out (scroll down the upload list to view the performances), and expect some more goodies from the Network 23 crew to follow. I’d also like to thank both John Costello and label head Kevin O’Neill for all the info, support, and generosity over the past few weeks!

7 Responses to “John Costello- Halflife K7”

  1. Gregory Joseph Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! Been dying to hear this!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This is awesome!, been looking for remote viewing associated artists since you posted the said tape!, Thanks

  3. man on wire Says:

    Thanks for getting behind my music Frankie. Halflife was half a life ago and it's good that it's getting some resuscitation.


  4. very cool

  5. Chris Sessions Says:

    Great stuff Frankie and John! Thanks for sharing this. Love the haunting sounds.

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