The Lucy Show- Electric Dreams 7”

The Lucy Show are one of my all-time favorite bands of the 80s. Hands down amazing melodies, great vocals, production, the whole package. It comes as some surprise that this particular 7” (their second, released in 1984) hasn’t been posted to my knowledge. Crazy!

For those unfamiliar, The Lucy Show was formed by two Canadian-turned London musicians, who earned a bit of buzz for their first single, Leonardo Da Vinci (perfectly summed up and shared here). Peel picked up on the band, this 7” followed, and the rest, as you could say, was History. A tour with R.E.M. brought the band to prominence, and their debut LP Undone dropped in 1985 and shot straight to the top of the college charts. Mania followed in 1986, and the band soon called it quits.

Really perfect pop, here. The A-side recalls early Cure and INXS to mind, while the B-side is a dark and gloomy affair, reminiscent of 4AD’s earliest releases. Don’t miss it!

The Lucy Show- Electric Dreams 7”
1. Electric Dreams
2. History Part 1

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 6.16.12)

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  1. magnificent ,thank you

  2. Thanks for this.

  3. Let's Find H-Man A Wife Says:

    You are right, the Lucy Show put out some nice tunes.

  4. Words on Music reissued The Lucy Show’s Mania and … Undone, as well as some rarer stuff collected under Remembrances. Here’s the link to snag ’em if you’d like –

    It doesn’t look like the tracks from Electric Dreams made the cut, so thanks for making them available here!

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