Ultime Possibilité- Errance 7”

Up next we have an uber cult French coldwave single from 1988, especially choice for fans of the (better) Nova Express tracks posted here and here, as well as the Panoramas single posted ages ago.

Nothing much I can tell you about these guys, aside from shedding a little light on M.S.R., the label which issued this 7”. Several other classics appeared on M.S.R., including Corps Diplomatique and Amour Puzzle, also nice touchstones for this single. Really cool stuff here in the always excellent French tradition, so hope you enjoy it!

Ultime Possibilité- Errance 7”
1. Errance
2. No More Lies

*download it here*

6 Responses to “Ultime Possibilité- Errance 7””

  1. sorrow-vomit Says:

    Cool, I've been wanting this one for a couple years now.

  2. Condensed Harris Says:

    this is killer stuff

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    many thankx for your blog

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  4. Mairaj Pirzada Says:

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