Various Artists- Unreleased Vol. 1 K7

Since it seems like all links for the original Unreleased cassette are dead in the water or at a very low bit rate, here’s a fresh 320 kbps, fresh from the cassette! This one is arguably the most orthodox of the series, featuring several “household names” from the French coldwave/touching pop scene, many making their first or second recorded appearance here. Every band here hails from France, with the exception of The Cultural Decay (Belgium), and a rare track from Factory darlings Section 25.

Interesting how each of these compilations appear on a different medium, huh? I wonder if a fourth compilation will ever surface on 8 track…

Various Artists- Unreleased Volume 1 K7
1. Section 25– Human Puppets
2. Asylum Party– Where Have You Gone My Friend?
3. Brigade Internationale– Memories And Break
4. Clair Obscur– Wreck
5. Mary Goes Round– The Shelter
6. Odessa– Trouble
7. Brigade Internationale– Silence Of My Brain
8. Orchestre Rouge– 1980
9. Art Remains Tangible– Numéro 32
10 Little Nemo– Future Is Now
11. Norma Loy– Ghost Parasites
12. Brigade Internationale– Eyes On The Volcano
13. Complot Bronswick– Panem And Circences
14. The Cultural Decay– I Never Loved You

*download it here*

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  1. Just want to drop in and say thanks for all the wonderful posts. I've downloaded many things from this blog, so I must comment with my gratitude from time to time!

  2. Dana said it all… nothing more to add !


  3. Wow! Just discovered this ace blog. Right up my street.

    Gonna fill my pockets with your cold-synth-wave goodness…

  4. Thanks a lot, I love this blog and this compilation is fantastic.

  5. Thanks!

  6. […] viendra ainsi la magnifique compilation Unreleased 1, dans laquelle Asylum Party ne dépare pas parmi un programme pourtant extrêmement relevé […]

  7. Thanks a lot. I was searching it by Complot Bronswick. I thank you the internal server, it never fails ♥

  8. I was 14 in 1987 and i was thinking about holding a treasure. I lost it… Here it is ! Merci

  9. many thanks man, pure underground synth gold here !

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