Art Remains Tangible- A.R.T. K7

A very generous reader donation with kind permission from V.I.S.A., the label responsible for this excellent cassette, among many other classic releases. You can read more about the label and check a more detailed catalog listing here!

Art Remains Tangible, aka A.R.T. were a minimal synth/coldwave hybrid project from France, consisting of four members, all of which go by their first names on this release. This 1984 cassette is their only full release, though astute readers may recall a live appearance on the Unreleased Vol. 1 cassette and a few tracks on the excellent Ritual Dos Sádicos compilation, posted by our dear friend Avicus. He mentions there that only 50 copies of this tape exist!

Art Remains Tangible- A.R.T. K7
1. Prayers Breakfast
2. T.V. Nut
3. Foolish Virgin (Live Cithéa 4 Juin 1984)
4. Industrial Town
5. “M”
6 Skinny Baboon
7. Derrière Le Mur
8. Foolish Virgin
9. Prayers Breakfast (Live Cithéa 4 Juin 1984)
10. Rythm ‘N’ Bees (Nid D’Guêpes)
11. Neon Jungle (Live Cithéa 4 Juin 1984)
12. Sans Titre

*download it here*

4 Responses to “Art Remains Tangible- A.R.T. K7”

  1. Thanx for the post!!!!

  2. I could kiss you, this is one that I have been hankering for a while now.

  3. I’m looking for a copy of the original cassette in order to re-issue one of the tracks on an upcoming compilation. can anyone help??

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