Revel Hotel- The Station

The Station, our full length album, is now out. We’re offering one guilt-free download, but it will likely be temporary.  We’d love this album to be heard first and foremost, so feel free to share it as you see fit for the time being.

For those who wish to purchase the album properly, there are higher quality downloads (FLAC) and limited CD-Rs (less than a hundred left) available via our Bandcamp page.   Click here for more info, and otherwise:


For those who live in NYC and wish to make with the merry, our album release party will be this Saturday night at Salvation (Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, Manhattan) with DJs Patrick & Cyn.  We’ll have copies of the CD-r for sale as well as free swag.  Click here for details and directions.

6 Responses to “Revel Hotel- The Station”

  1. Mike Brandon Says:

    This is great. really. it is.

    I almsot heard a bit of Joe Papa( Controlled Bleeding)-esque vocalising in the chorus of the first track.

    good tunes.

  2. All I Never wanted, liking a lot. Thanks for the Download!

  3. Bandicoot Says:

    Thanks for the download.

    Really enjoyed this.

    Nice One.

  4. Lidane Livering Says:

    Heard the track Phantasm was was blown away!!!.. Could have been perfect in Dario Argentos Susperia

  5. This really sounds amasing! Good luck!

  6. Appreciative! Look forward to experiencing it.

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