Various Artists- Systems of Romance vol. 666

This was originally slated to be the final post for Systems of Romance after all the drama and fallout of Mediafire, but I put this comp. on hold once the new regime kicked into action. Figured now’s as good a time as any to let this new comp hit your drives as a thanks for all the support over the past few months of change and growth.

Given this comp’s original intention of closing the doors on this blog, there’s a lot of emotional connection and homage to many of Systems of Romance’s past posts, including demos and rarities by some of my favorite artists to be featured here, including Weimar Gesang, John Costello, Ultime Possibilité, Opéra De Nuit, etc. There’s also a few exclusive goodies and standout tracks in the mix. A lot of guitars this time around, with a few minimal synth and wave goodies thrown in for good measure. Definitely a treasure trove of sounds that should feel right at home for fans of the blog.

Various Artists- Systems of Romance vol. 666
1. Victory- Vietnam
2. Silent Way- Dark Mine Fields
3. Love Lasts Forever- Babel 17
4. Ball Into Three Particles- Ashrae Fax
5. In the Fiction Press (7” Version)- The Trial
6. Your Return- Royal Depeche
7. No More Lies (Alt. Version)- Ultime Possibilité
8. Lumiére Rouge- Opéra De Nuit
9. Blanket Expression- John Costello
10. World Without Pity- Nova
11. Sista Vilan- Blipblop
12. Moroccan Nights- Acute Logic
13. Easter- Little Nemo
14. The Cold- Eskimos & Egypt
15. Light-Tight Place (Hammer Version)- Weimar Gesang
16. When We Were Young- Atmosphere Personnel
17. 7/4- Shiny Two Shiny
18. Ghost Child- Veldt

*download it here*

As with the last installment, here’s a track by track analysis:

1. The title track from this band’s eponymous 12”. Very difficult to obtain post-punk from New Zealand, donated by a friend.
2. Soaring Japanese darkwave in the vein of Excentrique Noiz and Diastereomer. I’d love to hear the rest of this if anyone owns it!
3. A demo recording, as well as a cover of a classic Virgin Prunes song. This particular version is different than the one that appears on the Infrastition reissue of Celeano Fragments.
4. One of my favorite “modern” shoegaze/dreampop artists. The band is now defunct, but their 2003 record Static Crash! is an all time favorite, recently pressed to vinyl.  This track was released a year earlier on the Botox Boon cd-r.
5. An alternate 7” version of this classic track from these Czechoslovakian favorites! This one precedes the LP version originally posted here.  The b-side to this killer single can be found on a previous Crispy Nuggets compilation as well!
6. The b-side from a privately released German 7” from 1987.
7. An alternate version of the b-side originally posted here.  This version is a bit more atmospheric, with vocals seated deeply into the mix.
8. A demo passed on to me by a fan, likely from the band’s formative years.  Another piece to the puzzle.  Get the rest of their amazing discography here– I’ve also since acquired and re-ripped the Sourire de L’Ombre 12” at pristine quality so be sure to revisit these great records!
9. A brand new contribution from John Costello, a great friend and frequent guest on Systems of Romance.  This is a cover of the classic Testcard F track, which originally was recorded on a peel session.  Get the original here and get to know John on his facebook page!
10. Phil/Goutroy from A Viable Commercial turned me on to these guys, who released one 12” in 1985 (though the track was recorded in 1983).  I like the a-side ok, but feel the b-side is the stronger track, very reminiscent of Inxs and Flock of Seagulls.  Don’t resist it.
11. An amazing minimal synth from Sweden, donated by a member of the band. They recorded several tracks and a 7”, but changed their name to Pal & Roger before issuing.  Feel those grooves!
12. Incredibly rare track from the UK, 1981 also featured on the excellent Fade2Grey site.  Shows some definite Cure/Three Imaginary Boys worship.  I just picked up a copy of this 7”, making the inclusion of this track a little redundant (stay tuned for a full rip once the postman delivers), but keeping in the spirit of things, you guys get to enjoy it a bit early.
13. Early demo from this coldwave staple, previously unreleased.
14. Originally posted by the great Return to the East blog, ripped from a fresh copy of the 7”.  I like the other tracks, but this is one of my all-time favorite cold offerings, complete contrast from the indie pop band they would become and more in line with the Lively Art greats.
15. An alternate version of this classic Italian track, released on the F/Ear This compilation.  Get the rest of their discograhy here.
16. Awesome minimal synth from 1983.  Don’t know much more about this one.
17. My favorite track from this elusive cult band from the UK.  This track was originally released on the Trance Compilation K7.  You can read more about the band and Gayna Perry here.  Grab their full lengths here and here.
18. Incredible cold track from the UK, plucked from a split 7” on Newton Products (the a-side by Beat Necessity is also essential).  This one comes from my own personal copy, though you may have seen this one on Return to the East as well.  A staple in my Wierd DJ sets, and a great way to end things on a high note.  Hello today, gone tomorrow.

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  1. Perfect !

  2. szovjet Says:

    it smells like rotten human boides under the bed 🙂

  3. Mike Brandon Says:

    Bless Yo Face!

  4. Mike Brandon Says:

    Had ro double post.

    this comp is truly amazing. that John Costello track. OMG.

    heck, all of it. all killer.

  5. Mike Brandon Says:

    “ro?….that should read as “to”.

    ok. no mas.

  6. I like this blog site layout . How did you make it!? Its really nice!

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  8. Thanks for so many great discoveries!
    (including Testcard F as a side effect ; )

  9. Ashrae Fax is awesome but sadly short lived group. I love “Static Crash!”. Armpit is my favorite song of theirs- where can I find this Botox Boon cd-r? Does it have any more from them?

    P.s. the compilations like this are my favs!

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  11. […] into the either as well.  I also included the “best” track from this record on my last v/a compilation, so some of you may be interested in hearing the rest of it.  While ‘Victory’ reigns […]

  12. Easter by Little Nemo is a gem, noticed by nobody but you. Thanks.

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