Fru Aut- Fru Aut LP

This is one of the best LPs I’ve heard in some time, donated by the great bx-59cppw, who posted their 12” in the past as well.  Incredible post-punk from 1988, complete with cold synths, moody melodies, and bleating sax.  Comes off like a darker, female fronted version of Sad Lovers and Giants, if touchstones are necessary.   Others include Look Back In Anger, Xmal, Euroshima, etc.

These guys (or rather, guys and one gal) were Italian, and released another eponymous cassette and the A Sangue Freddo CD release on top of the two vinyl releases.

Fru Aut- Fru Aut LP
1. Prova D’ Orckestra
2. La TV Sensuale
3. Kabul
4. Bla Bla – Discorso Alla Finestra
5. Teso
6. Indastria
7. Berber
8. Segnali
9. Freiherz
10. Superglu

*read this post for downloads*

9 Responses to “Fru Aut- Fru Aut LP”

  1. Mike Brandon Says:


    Between you and Hairpins… I’m gonna need yet another terabyte drive.

    rock on.

  2. This is very good. “Freiherz” is by far my favourite.
    Thanks for letting me hear stuff I would otherwise never hear.
    Nick B

  3. always interesting things.thanx from argentina


    can somebody get this one
    VA – 30 Years With(out) Ian Curtis Transmission 80-10

    or a wallenberg records thanx

  5. Wow…. They was from my town (or little city 🙂 ): Bassano del Grappa. In a record store here, there is still a copy of this album in vinyl!

  6. Bassano has its tradition in new wave music: Frigidaire Tango, Fru Aut and Plasticost are the most important groups from those years. Today, the most famous group from Bassano are (better…is. one man band)) Bloody Beetroots.

  7. grazie. ciao uber

  8. Thank you!

  9. Carlos Snt Says:

    i just found these amazing songs… didn’t know it at all and sounds awesome! lyrics please?

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