Fru Aut- Fru Aut K7 & LP

Happy New Year, y’all! A bit of a new post here, and a bit of an update to an old post at the same time. If you visit this previous post on the incredible Italian post-punk band Fru Aut, you’ll find information about  their 1988 self-titled LP, a masterpiece of the Italian post-punk scene and a perfect listen for fans of dreamier post-punk, in the vein of things like Sad Lovers & Giants, Film Noir, Modern Eon, Xmal, Nico + Faction, etc. In the same post, there’s also an allusion to a previous 12”/cassette release from a long defunct (but wonderful) blog. So with that in mind, I thought I’d kick the year off lightly with an update of both of these releases.

If you aren’t already familiar with Fru Aut, the band was a five piece from northern Italy, more specifically Bassano del Grappa. They self-released this cassette in 1985, with a more limited 12” version appearing the same year. The LP appeared in 1988, also self-released. There was also a CD that came out in 1994, but sadly I haven’t heard it and I have an inkling it might veer more into rock territory, but if anyone could confirm or deny that, I’d gladly give it a listen! Lastly, there’s another cassette out there from the same era as these two releases I’m guessing, with very little info, no year or tracklisting to confirm if it’s exclusive material, or similar to what’s already released elsewhere… Any info on that one is even more welcome…

Even though I’ve updated the previous post, I’ll include both the LP and the cassette here to make things a little neater. With that in mind, here’s the info for both of these excellent releases:

Fru Aut- Fru Aut K7 (1985)
1. Tesò
2. Verderame
3. Sdies Nuzna Vainà
4. Glu Glu

Fru Aut- Fru Aut LP (1988)
1. Prova D’Orckestra
2. La TV Sensuale
3. Kabul
4. Bla Bla – Discorso Alla Finestra
5. Tesò
6. Indastria
7. Berber
8. Segnali
9. Freiherz
10. Superglu

*download both releases here*

7 Responses to “Fru Aut- Fru Aut K7 & LP”

  1. Noice. Happy to see some of the older blogs posting rare gothy stuff are still running <3

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Not many of us are still around! I figure though, since I bought the domain, it’s worth keeping things going. As long as people still care, there’s value in it, I suppose.

  2. Hey Frankie some re-release you may be interested about. Cheers

  3. Hi – first of all, let me thanks you for your blog, saying that I just “appreciate” than is too reductive, is simply awesome.

    BTW, if interested I can confirm that Fru Aut “A sangue freddo” is more rock oriented, a drift that most of the Italian group shared despite their post punk origins. Is not bad at all, but not as effective as their demos

  4. Dude, you rock! Over the years you have seriously listed some great, obscure post punk, synth pop, goth, etc. recordings for all to enjoy and it is very much appreciated. I would not have heard 95% + of this stuff otherwise.

    Excellent blog and may Systems of Romance live long and prosper!

    Hope you are staying safe and healthy. Thanks again for sharing all the fantastic music.

  5. Ciao, la cassetta dell’85 era stata pubblicata con 4 differenti copertine

  6. please see also FUR AUT on Facebook and FREAK SHANTI RADIO on YOUTUBE

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