Nikola Eugene- Longest Revolution 7”

Here’s a more romantic/synth pop flavored single from the UK, released in 1988. Thanks to Goutroy for the rip on this one! Really couldn’t tell you too much about Nikola Eugene or the label America First Records, but here’s two tracks that should be welcome for fans of things like Anna Domino, Toyah, ‘Til Tuesday and things in that vein with plenty of dreamy new wave hooks but a fair amount of cold guitar mixed in for good measure. All in all an excellent little slice of obscure wave. Hope y’all enjoy!

Nikola Eugene- Longest Revolution 7”
1. Longest Revolution
2. More Than a Prayer

*download it here*

6 Responses to “Nikola Eugene- Longest Revolution 7””

  1. Frankie any chance you recognize this gothic gem?:
    Snatched it off a mix, uploader won’t give any info about it

  2. I’ve asked many people that are into this niche, they speculate that it’s some German band from 90s or maybe even more contemporary.

  3. James Kight Says:

    Almost sounds similar to Cocteau Twins


  5. Anonymous Says:

    This band was my friend and I, thank you for sharing.

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Great to hear from you – feel free to let us know if you want to share any more information. Love the single! <3

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