Colour Scream- 12” Discography

I’ve been kinda loving this band for some time, and finding a few cheap copies of their discography has solidified it over the past few weeks. Colour Scream were a US based new wave band from San Jose, CA that flirted with a variety of styles across one mini-LP and remix 12”, released in 1988 and 1989 respectively via Whet Reign Records.

I’d recommend starting with the Dance No More 12”, which features several similar remixes of the title cut, a synthpop SMASH that hits hard where it counts. Equally nasty as it is catchy, it’s definitely ripe for the dance floor. There are two additional tracks on this 12” (one that’s exclusive) that are more indicative of their overall style, a hybrid of Flock of Seagulls-esque wave with college rock leanings. Closest comparison I can come up with is the underrated Vigil LP from 1987.

If you dig the additional tracks from the 12”, there’s more to be found on the mini-LP. But even still, no track is the same, and while some are pure wave goodness, the acoustic dirge “So Long” is a standout for me, almost like a precursor to Radiohead’s “Exit Music (For a Film)” as far as mood is concerned. The version of “Dance No More” from the mini-LP is very different, more dramatic and a bit darker than the remix version, almost beatbox-esque. Kinda took me surprise after playing the hell out of the remix!

Here’s the deets:

Colour Scream- Living and Dying (1988)
1. Will My Fear
2. Across the Sky
3. Jasmines Faith
4. Walls In the Way
5. So Long
6. Dance No More

Colour Scream- Dance No More 12” (1989)
1. Dance No More (Radio Mix)
2. Across the Sky
3. The Monster and I
4. Dance No More (Sir Arthur Mix)
5. Dance No More (Tiananmen Square Mix)

*download both here*

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  1. Thanks for this pair … I’m very much enjoying!

  2. Excellent, thank you. I particularly like “Across The Sky”

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. thanx for keepin it going… Do you by chance have Oracle’s “Tree” (with Colin Newman from Wire)? it’s a little request since i can’t find it anywhere.

  5. San Jose actually – record produced in Campbell, CA – NorCal

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Omg. I was a follower back in the days. I think you may actually know me ❤️

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Always played The Cactus Club. 😉

    • Colour Scream all lived in one big ass rental house with a garage that was converted into their recording studio. Total college garage band cliché but it worked. Mike ran his label out of the dining room and it was like something out of Bowfinger… He had different phone lines -like 10- and always answered in fake voices with phone euro accents saying “please hold” and “let me get your message for when Mr. Long returns. It was funny. Talk about keeping up appearances. All the housemates were in his band or other Whet Reign groups like grunge guy Pete The Boy (The “If’s”) and synth master Sid Maestre (Detsky Mir)

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