The Lucy Show- Extended Play 12”

I’ve covered The Lucy Show here a few times before, and even after all these years, they remain an absolute favorite of the era, a band whose records I cherish deeply and would never leave home without. They’ve never been the rarest band on these pages, with most of their releases in mass production and easily found in used bins across the states, but it’s never really about the rareness, is it? Note for note, The Lucy Show deliver, and this EP is of no exception, featuring three exclusive tracks and what appears to be a slightly different and darker version of the “Resistance,” one of many highlights from their debut album Undone.

It’s hard to tell without exact release dates, but this EP appears to predate both the Electric Dreams 7” as well as their first LP, which might explain the more club-friendly sound from Leonardo Da Vinci still intact here. The lead-off track is a forever favorite, and appears in nearly all my post-punk focused DJ sets these days, though it’s always hard to pick just one from this band.

The Lucy Show- Extended Play 12”
1. The Price of Love
2. Resistance
3. See It Goes
4. Is It

*download it here*

3 Responses to “The Lucy Show- Extended Play 12””

  1. LOVE Lucy Show!! Thanks for sharing this extended play vinyl … it’s something I’ve heard by them! 😀

  2. Many many thanks for this gem.I visit your blog long time ago (it’s high time I gave thanks for all those treasures) (sorry, I’m Spanish: my English is not good)
    Have a nice rest of Summer (At least here we’re in that season)

  3. a favourite band, great find. I’m eager to listen to it . thanx once more.

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