The Blush- A Look From Outside 7”

No matter how much I try, I keep coming back to that early 1980s post-punk sound time and time again. Icy string synths, detached vocals, heavy driving bass, and razor sharp guitars. Nothing piques my interest more than those early Factory/4AD vibes.

With that in mind, this particular 7” falls well within that category. This is the lone release by UK band The Blush, who self-released this 7” in 1982. The lineup on the back of the sleeve lists five members – two guitars, bass, drums, and of course, synths. According to another blog, there may be some Associates connections, though it’s hard to tell if the original lineup changed or adopted pseudonyms before this single was recorded. Even without confirmation, this single should definitely please fans of early Associates material, as well as bands like The Names, Acute Logic, etc. Especially love the thick bass! Both sides of the single are incredible, but the catharsis on the second song is fantastic.

The Blush- A Look From Inside 7”
1. A Look From Inside
2. Skipping

*download it here*


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  1. There’s nothing wrong with that delicious post-punk sound! Just wanted to start off 2018 with a hearty “thank you” for all the incredible music you’ve brought into my life over the last few years. I know at times it seems like a chore, but there are some of us out here in the wilds of the Interwebs who appreciate every byte of music you share.

  2. Thank you for doing what you do, man. I found so much new music thanks to you!

  3. Yes! I just found this blog. Thank you so much! I was completely stale on current music and found your amazing blog. I’m sharing with all my friends that understand your wonderful taste in music!!!!

  4. Thank you!!

  5. thanks a lot!

    anybody knows where to buy a copy?

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