Dawn Fades- Demo K7 & Nine Thorns CD

Back in 2011, I posted the debut EP from Italian post-punk band Dawn Fades, who invoked the spirit of Killing Joke, Lucie Cries, and even early Modern English. I’ve updated the original post with a 320kbps of the CD, but what better time to post the rest of the band’s discography, which includes an earlier demo as well as a full length album.

I’ve been sitting on the full album for some time, as it took me a few listens to really appreciate it. While the band’s trademark heavy guitars and post-punk fury are still intact, there are a slew of late 90s electronics at play here, which may or may not be to some folks’ liking. The record came out in 1997, and definitely channels much of that alternative/industrial sound. If you don’t mind a little Nine Inch Nails/early 90s Killing Joke in your post-punk, it’s a great listen!

The demo tape precedes the original EP and was released in limited quantities in 1993 (and repressed in 1994). The majority of the cassette is live, but there are two studio cuts (and an intro) to kick things off. The live cuts are a mix of originals and covers, two of which were originally by Joy Division, the band’s clear namesake. The version of Sixteen Days is identical to the one that appears on the EP.

I’d like to thank Marc, the drummer of Lucie Cries, for contributing a rip of this cassette! If you aren’t already familiar with his band, please make it your first priority to check them out! There have been several reissues of the band’s catalog – a LP of selected cuts as well as a deluxe CD package of the full discography. Thanks again, Marc, and hope you all enjoy these releases!

Dawn Fades- Dawn Fades K7 (1993)
1. Intro
2. The Rape
3. Young God
4. What Use? (live)
5. Sixteen Days (live)
6. Coil (live)
7. Shadowplay (live)
8. The Rape (live)
9. Transmission (live)

Dawn Fades- Nine Thorns (1997)
1. Nine Thorns
2. Anger
3. 1.6
4. She Will Be
5. Loop
6. Collapse And Confusion
7. Lust
8. Control
9. Off

*download both here*

9 Responses to “Dawn Fades- Demo K7 & Nine Thorns CD”

  1. Great upload! Thank you so much, this blog means a lot to me!

  2. Diana Brill Says:

    Same here, one haunts this site for a reason…


  3. omg, used to visit this blog and get all my new music here way back at least 8 years ago, thank you for still posting

  4. thank you so much for you very great rips.
    Do you think there is any chance to post the reseat d’ombres in wav format or flac if convenient. Will be super super amazing.
    Many thanks for your kindness

  5. romantic girl Says:

    excellent suggestion
    thank you for your blog

  6. Ian Fryer Says:

    Thank you, I’m really looking forward to hearing this

  7. koldsack Says:

    The Nine Thorns CD is a great listen, except it’s clipping pretty bad though, so you might want to do a re-rip.

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      That’s the way it was mastered, sorry to say.

      • koldsack Says:

        hmm figured as much, what a pity. the band have very strong song writing skills. those synth sweeps and rifts on the demo and nine thorns cd are incredible to listen to.

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