Various Artists- Young Blood LP

Many, many thanks to Thomas for fulfilling one of my all-time top must-hear compilations. I’ve been obsessed with The Enter’s “The Contract” for many years now, working the song into early esoteric DJ sets. I’ve been dying to hear more from the project, and while sadly no other tracks seem to exist (please correct me if I am wrong), I’ll settle for hearing the rest of the compilation this minimal synth dirge hails from. This compilation was released in 1984 in the UK on Peninsula Records, who only released a handful of 7” singles, a prog rock LP, and another similarly themed (but less rare/expensive) compilation, if Discogs is to be believed…

Normally, synth gems like “The Contract” are often the only listenable track on a compilation, but I’m beyond ecstatic to find that this compilation is hit after hit after hit, with only a handful of lesser moments that even still, are enjoyable. Other favorites include the arpeggiated post-punk rave-up “Dance Feat,” the early Berlin-esque “Neon Nightlife,” the jangly/power-pop “Passion Call,” and the excellent post-punk track “Warrior.” With the exception of Hurt, these are the only known tracks by each of these bands. One and done, so they say…

Hope y’all enjoy, and thanks again to Thomas for providing this rip!

Various Artists- Young Blood LP
1. Passion Call- Colourtime
2. Warrior- If
3. Dance Feat- Gettysburg Address
4. Spring Comes Early- Oh! For 1821
5. In the Glade- Hurt
6. L’Espirit D’Avignon
7. Neon Nightlife- Urutu
8. The Contract- The Enter
9. It’s a Different Kind of Heaven- Vincent Vevil Vald
10. Soldier Sailor- John Brown
11. Catch the Wind- Turbo Chariot
12. Look Through a Window- Chris & Diane Jones

*download it here*

5 Responses to “Various Artists- Young Blood LP”

  1. WHoa, I’m surprised it took this long for a full rip of this comp to surface, so thanks to you and Thomas for making it available to the public! Pure 80s goodness, tho The Contract is still the top track here. Chances are they did record a full demo tape, so let’s hope that surfaces one day.

  2. MushroomCap Says:

    It’s all about Gettysburg Address for me. I’d put this comp right up there with Subtle Hints.

  3. Looks very interesting, i’ll go for it . Thanks to you and Thomas from Argentina

  4. Thank you so much for this, been looking for it for quite a while. Cheers

  5. Any ideas where Gettysburg address are from or what other records they have made? Keen….

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