Relèvement ’82- Red Hair 7”

Here’s an incredible (and rare) one-off 7” from the Netherlands, released in 1984. The four-piece band formed in 1981, and apparently remained together until 1995, even though they don’t seem to have released anything else. Most famously, however, the band were asked to perform a U2 tribute set in 1995, which led to them changing their name to U2PIA. They appear to still be active to date.

As for this single, there are definitely heavy traces of Unforgettable Fire/War-era U2 on display here (amusing as the former record was also released in 1984). The A-side is a driving slice of fast-paced post-punk bliss. The flip is no less essential, but a bit moodier and bass-driven, with an excellent whistle breakdown at the halfway mark. Both tracks are stellar, and it’s a shame that this appears to be their only official release…

Relèvement ’82- Red Hair 7”
1. Red Hair
2. Glad Song

*download it here*

2 Responses to “Relèvement ’82- Red Hair 7””

  1. Wow! A band from the Netherlands that no ones ever heard of. Thanks for this!

  2. Hey here Richard from the band Relèvement ’82. How wonderful to read this from you. Indeed, we haven’t released any official music since then. Yet we are still a band even today, although our current activities hinder our music activities. Nevertheless, we have made several songs with the same group under a simpler name: NOI loosely translated into Italian ‘we’. If you are interested in it, it is a small effort for us to let you hear it. We feel honored!

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