Les Fleurs D’Hiver – Fleurs D’Hiver 7”

Quick and dirty post for your Friday enjoyment… Here’s another single from Swiss label Winterschatten (also home to The Silence Cries), released in 1984. This is the five piece (or four piece with a different bassist on each track) band’s only single which comes housed in an oversized picture sleeve. The songs are sung in a mix of English and French and are equally gloomy and catchy, definitely a great single for fans of Look Back In Anger, Cry of the Innocent, Send No Flowers etc.


Les Fleurs D’Hiver- Fleurs D’Hiver 
1. Fleurs D’Hiver
2. Association in White

*download it here*

4 Responses to “Les Fleurs D’Hiver – Fleurs D’Hiver 7””

  1. Antoine Says:

    good and catchy one this one
    side 2 reminds me a little of our famous french band “stinky toys” in the way
    she sings, like elie medeiros, very similar phrasing.
    are you aware of one of my favourite swiss band “déblile menthol”
    put an ear on it if you can it is more in a RIO or prog vein but well worth a listen
    thanks and I look forward to reading you soon

  2. merci baucoup Frankie!!!

  3. Thank you very much!
    Do you happen to have Devant Les Mots (1991) and Deux: Behind The Mirror We Will Find It All (1992), both from Derriere Le Miroir?

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