Various Artists- Passage Du Trou Marin K7

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted some classic coldwave, so here’s a rare cassette compilation for you folks to kick off 2010. Released in 1991, this compilation collects a slew of classic coldwave artists, with a few more obscure gems thrown in for good measure. Many of the bands on this tape have been featured earlier on this blog, including Little Nemo, Babel 17, L’Enfance Éternelle, Norma Loy, and Résistance. Otherwise, this compilation collects a series of exclusive tracks (b-sides, non-album cuts, live performances), making this release a necessity for coldwave collectors everywhere.

Dépendance Continue, the French label who released this cassette, also released a similar cassette two years prior, entitled Mea Pulpa (featuring rare tracks by Asylum Party, Vox Dei, and Complot Bronswick). I’m happy to post that soon if anyone’s interested. That said, here’s the info for this release.

Various Artists- Passage Du Trou Marin K7
1. Palo Alto- Cible Sans Cils
2. Tuatha De Danann- Mesta In Telessa
3. Norma Loy- We Shall Win
4. Nervous Twitch- Nothing At All
5. Lucie Cries- Clara
6. Mazerno- Marteau Pilique
7. Résistance- Out Of The Body
8. Kafkha- Soleil Sur Rivière
9. Noise Gate- No Thank You
10. Alméria- Finambule
11. Little Nemo- Old Age
12. No Speak- Fire Song
13. Scalpel Humain- Death Angel
14. Babel 17- Low High
15. Die Bunker- Alone With Somebody
16. Wunderlich Ausgang- Train
17. Zorn- Prières
18. L’Enfance Éternelle- Plaisirs Acides
19. Modèle Martial- L’Amour Froid
20. Les Frères Straforelli- Tentatives

Tracks 1-11: Side 1 (Début…)
Tracks 12-20: Side 2 (…Fin)

*download it here*

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thany you!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Always interested in anything you post, Thanks, Grant

  3. Thank you, love your blog!

  4. T. Amadeus Says:

    Thanks So Much, I Love a lot Coldwave bands

  5. J'ai cette cassette géniale acheté chez New Rose à Paris mais n'avait rien pour l'encoder en mp3 et surtout plus rien pour l'écouter. Merci de l'avoir fait. Je vais pouvoir enfin la réécouter avec grand plaisir.

  6. DJ Niteline Says:

    sheer awesome

  7. ♥ Naga Says:

    Oh! I didn't know this compilation.
    Thanks a lot!

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  10. Muchas gracias de todo corazón!

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