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ADN’ Ckrystall- Jazz’ Mad LP

Posted in 1980s, 1982, 2000s, adn ckrystall, french, minimal on February 11, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Before I begin today, my apologies for the dead massmirror links…I have no idea what happened with those, but I’m currently switching everything back to zshare. I have about four more posts to reupload (Clint Ruin, Boytronic, Mary Goes Round, and Baroque Bordello), and that should all be sorted out within the evening…

Secondly, thanks for all the requests that have been pouring in this weekend! I’m aiming to upload all I can get my hands on, but stay tuned soon for Siglo XX, Babel 17, Camera Obscura, Pavillon 7B, etc. and some local treats. I’ll attack all that as soon as I can.

Otherwise, today’s post is on ADN’ Ckyrstall, a French minimal artist who’s given name is Erick Moncollin. Erick took on his moniker as early as 1977, playing an experimental brand of rock music infused with primitive synthesizers. Throughout the late seventies, he developed his craft alongside members of the like-minded act GonG. The first ADN’ Ckryrstall release appeared in 1982, and until 2005 it was the lone full-length, though one other single followed in 1984. Afterwards, Erick added other members to the project, renamed ADN’ La Catastrophe,. Both outfits dropped off the radar in 1992 as Erick would delve into the techno/ambient scene under the name Dr. Strange, only to reappear in 2005 with a new LP, entitled Synthesizers And Other Electronic Masturbators.

I’ve uploaded ADN’ Ckrystall’s debut record Jazz’ Mad for your listening pleasure.


ADN’ Ckrystall- Jazz’ Mad LP
1. Cocaina Vitamina
2. Pour L’Amour D’Un Cygne / Puckies’ Power
3. Le Blues De La Fille Aux Jambes De Jeans
4. Haschisch T’Es Pas Cap!
5. Dragons’ Caravan / Spanik Elektronik
6. Tam Tam Samba

DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED: The album has been lovingly reissued by Dark Entries records!  Please purchase a copy and support the artist and label!

In 2005, underground label Minimal Wave uncovered a handful of copies of Jazz’ Mad on LP and are offering them through their catalog. Click below for a link to purchase it if you’re so inclined. Also included- a link to ADN’ Ckrystall’s myspace page, for those interested.

Purchase Jazz’ Mad via Minimal Wave
Myspace page