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Boytronic- The Working Model LP

Posted in 1980s, 1983, 2000s, boytronic, german, synth, wave on January 22, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Thanks to Glenn, I just discovered today’s band, German wave/electro/boy band act Boytronic, this long weekend, and have acquired and uploaded their first record, 1983’s The Working Model, for your listening pleasure.

Boytronic formed in 1983 and released two seminal synthpop records (in the vein of Visage and early Depeche Mode) before running into troubles, as their label claimed ownership to the band’s name, and re-assembled Boytronic with a completely different lineup which lasted into the mid-90s. Funnily enough, the band reunited in 2002, but this incarnation featured Holger Wobker from the first lineup, and Hayo Panarinfo from the second, and continues to this day, releasing records and performing live.

BoytronicThe Working Model LP
 1. Recycled
2. Luna Square
3. Diamonds and Loving Arms
4. Red Chips
5. You
6. (I Want To Live) In Harmony
7. My Baby Lost Its Way
8. You’re the One Who Stays
9. At Last
Here’s the video for ‘Diamonds and Loving Arms’:

For any curious parties:
Boytronic dot com