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Glades of Darkness- Demo K7

Posted in coldwave, darkwave, glades of darkness, minimal, minimal synth on April 4, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s one that’s completely off my radar, as in, I can’t find any information about it whatsoever. Really excellent demo tape from a band called Glades of Darkness, who seem to have a very Italian sound, judging from the songwriting, atmosphere, and use of electronics. They fit in right with bands like Weimar Gesang and Chromagain, but no real knowledge of their time and location to be found. Sounds mid-1980s to me as well, but I can never be too sure about these things! Either way, fans of those bands as well as gloomy minimal synth and coldwave should find lots to love here.

If anyone could tell me anything about this band, it would be most appreciated!

Glades of Darkness- Demo K7
1. Time Passenger
2. I’m a Stranger
3. A Door
4. In the Garden
5. Go Away
6. Our Neoska
7. Wide Spaces

*download it here*

Enjoy! Lots more goodies to come over the next few weeks!