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Dobri Isak- Mi plačemo iza tamnih naočara K7

Posted in 1980s, 1986, darkwave, dobri isak, lo-fi, post-punk, serbian on February 17, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Contained within this post is Dobri Isak’s lone record, released on cassette in 1986. This Serbian darkwave/post-punk band drew heavy inspiration from Joy Division, so this is definitely a must for fans of dark, furious, and somewhat lo-fi post-punk and goth rock.

There seems to be an abundance of information about the band, despite their relative obscurity. The band, whose name translates to “Kind Isaac,” originally formed in 1983. After three years and a handful of lineup shifts, they dropped their first and only release. The cassette (which translates to “We Cry Behind Dark Glasses) was limited to 100 copies, which quickly sold out. The record contains an Arnold Layne song, the band several members were active in alongside Dobri Isak.

Though the record came out in 1986, Dobri Isak remained together until 1996, playing their last gig with Arnold Layne and splitting soon after. In 2009, PMK Records re-released their cassette, tacking on a few extra bonus tracks at the end. However, here’s a rip of the original cassette, as donated by a generous user. Be sure to purchase the reissue if you dig these tracks!

Dobri Isak- Mi plačemo iza tamnih naočara K7
1. Ona Se Igra Nožem
2. Sinoć Si Sanjao Da Si Pas
3. Mi Plačemo Iza Tamnih Naočara
4. Čekamo Te (Na Istom Mestu)
5. Ja Znam Da Ću Propasti
6. Nepoznata
7. Feniks
8. Plakati Su Ikone
9. Dozvoli Mi Da Ostanem U Tvome Krevetu
10. Mrzim Te
11. Tu U Uglu (Tada Sam Te Poslednji Put Video)

*download it here*

Note: My upload of the cassette seems to have an extra track inserted in the middle, one which does not appear on the official discogs/reissue listing. According to the cassette artwork- “Nepoznata” does not appear on the release, but might very well be a hidden track. Any information welcome!