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Modern Eon- Peel Sessions and Live CD-r

Posted in 1980s, 1981, modern eon, post-punk, uk on November 25, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

The following record was graciously ripped and uploaded by Jeff of Uberbelly. It’s not quite an official release, but instead collects several live Modern Eon tracks alongside their lone Peel Session in 1981.

Again, I’ve already touched on Modern Eon previously, and again, this particular entry is dead in the water from that horrid Zshare crash, but Jeff was also kind enough to send along the CD reissue of Fiction Tales. I will most likely update the old post with a new link, but for now, grab it here, if you’re keen! Otherwise, here’s the info for the Peel Sessions and Live disc:

Modern Eon- PeelĀ Sessions and Live CDr
1. Benched Down / 70’s Sixties
2. High Noon
3. Mechanic
4. The Grass Will Grow
5. Real Hymn
6. Choreography
7. Playwrite
8. Child’s Play
9. High Noon
10. Real Hymn
11. After The Party
12. Second Still
13. Watching The Dancers
14. Waiting For The Cavalry
15. Mechanic
16. Choreography
17. Euthenics
18. Real Hymn

Track 1 taken from the compilation Street To Street-A Liverpool Album.
Tracks 2-5 from Peel Sessions (21/01/1981).
Tracks 6-11 from a live concert in Groningen (23/08/1981).
Tracks 12-18 from a live concert in Liverpool (21/02/1981).

*download it here*

note: naturally, some of these tunes are of comprable quality, as they are sourced from concert tapes and radio sessions.

Many, many thanks again to Jeff! Otherwise, catch you kids after the holiday. I’m aiming to finish up all those looming reuploads and to move forward with more steam!

Modern Eon- Fiction Tales PLUS CD

Posted in 1980s, 1981, modern eon, post-punk, uk on March 19, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

This one is a bit of a classic in its genre. Liverpool based post-punk act Modern Eon released but one underground record during their short tenure, and though it didn’t make the splash that their contemporaries (Echo & the Bunnymen, The Chameleons, Modern English) did, the record is held in high regard by those who’ve discovered it, and its lush production mirrors and even outdoes some of the best records of its kind. I also adore the cover, perhaps my all-time favorite of any cover from the era, designed by the always excellent Brothers Quay.

Modern Eon formed in 1979 and released a handful of singles before cutting their lone full length, 1981’s Fiction Tales. The band appeared on John Peel’s radio program, but misfortune soon fell upon them as their drummer, Cliff Hewitt, injured his wrist. The band did a quick tour with Cliff’s tracks pre-programmed on primitive drum machines, but the band failed to record their sophomore effort, a shame, especially as they were rumored to have demoed new material. After Modern Eon’s demise, sax/guitarist Tim Lever would join up with Dead Or Alive, who made the charts with their more new wave-styled sound.

Note that this particular CD contains all of their 7” releases and extra tracks. I do believe it’s a bootleg, but the quality is absolutely impeccable! Thanks to Jeff for the donation!

Modern Eon- Fiction Tales LP
1. Second Still
2. The Grass Still Grows
3. Playwrite
4. Watching The Dancers
5. Real Hymn
6. Waiting For The Cavalry
7. High Noon
8. Child’s Play
9. Choreography
10. Euthenics
11. In A Strange Way
12. Mechanic
13. Second Still (7″ Version)
14. Special Patrol
15. Choreography (7″ Version)
16. The Look A Smack
17. Euthenics (7″ Version)
18. Waiting For The Cavalry (7″ Version)
19. Cardinal Signs
20. Child’s Play (7″ Version)
21. Visionary
22. Mechanic (7″ Version)
23. Splash!

*download link removed* – check out the new 2-disc Cherry Red reissue of this excellent album!

For more info on Modern Eon, including a full bio, pictures, a gig-ography, and more, click below:

Modern Eon homepage