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The Passage- Degenerates LP (Reissue)

Posted in 1982, experimental, minimal synth, post-punk, synthpop, the Fall, The Passage, uk on October 29, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

I just had the pleasure of being turned on to this record at this week’s local Wierd Records party, and I’ve already spun it twice this morning. Why not upload it, n’est-ce pas?

The band in question is The Passage, a UK-based experimental synthpop band that formed in 1978. The band’s first two records are truly dark, minimal records, but for their third, 1982’s Degenerates, the band added a more polished synth shine to their shuffling experimental backdrop, a perfect marriage of both the catchy and the challenging. Some tracks remind me of Public Image Limited or latter-day Scott Walker (which makes sense, given that Tony Friel, founding member of The Fall, was a member), while other tracks are true synthpop masterpieces.

Though Degenerates was originally released by Cherry Red, this particular upload features several 7” bonus tracks added to the limited CD re-release, which dropped via LTM Publishing in 2003. I believe the CD version is also out of print.

There’s more to the Passage story kicking around online, so click here to check out an extensive tribute page to the band, complete with a full discography, lush bio, and a slew of goodies. Otherwise without any further ado, let’s get to the details.

The Passage- Degenerates CD
2. Fleck
3. Revelation
4. Love Is As
5. Born Every Minute
6. (Ourselves)
7. Go To Seed
8. Armour
9. Time Will Tell
10. Empty Words
11. XOYO (7″)
12. Animal In Me
13. Born Every Minute (Flexi)
14. Taboos
15. Taboodub

*download it here*

Otherwise, I still have a few requests and donations to tackle, sorry for the delay! Otherwise, in case I don’t check back in beforehand, happy Halloween to those who celebrate!