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Vono- It’s Time LP

Posted in 1980s, 1986, ebm, german, minimal, minimal synth, new wave, vono on September 28, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

I’ve had this on deck to post for a bit, but what better time to post it than now? Mr. Goutroy of A Viable Commercial has dusted off and uploaded Vono’s quirky and charmingly amateur first LP over at his space, so in true blogger camaraderie fashion, here’s their final LP. Bookends for your listening pleasure, if you will.

Whereas Dinner Für 2 is a simple, yet detached record, this 1986 entry is anything but. Four years later, the duo grew as musicians and fleshed out their sound from their humble beginnings. It seems that one day, someone must have pissed in their Cheerios, as the band developed a more aggressive EBM-esque sound in the vein of Body 11, Bigod 20, Front 242, and other such bands with numbers. However, this is not a play-it-by-numbers EBM record as you might expect from that description. The vocals are a little more palatable than most EBM bands of the time, organic tones in lieu of the overdriven vocals that would become a genre staple into the 1990s. If anything, the LP is harder to pin down, stylistically. Other touchstones I’m hearing here include mid-period Wire (The Ideal Copy is my favorite, in case you were wondering) and the atmosphere of Peter Gabriel’s third and fourth records (cool!). Also hard to deny the Public Image crib on track six. No samples, but well, let’s just say it sounds like a response track.

There’s no real standout hit a la “Headhunter” or “Sensoria” here, but this album functions well as a whole. Besides, there are plenty of deep, funky synth grooves packed that make this LP worth a peek for any fan of the wave spectrum.

Vono- It’s Time LP
1. It’s Time
2. This Door
3. Geh Deinen Weg
4. Zerstoert
5. Here Comes
6. Love Song
7. Lebe Heute
8. Das Wars

*download it here*

I’ll be on hiatus for a little bit here, as we’re gearing up for a big move, and it’s likely we won’t be setting up the turntables for a few weeks. I may have a few things loaded in the queue to bring out here and there, but I’ll be loaded for bear when I get back to full functionality!