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join: the podcast set

Posted in Uncategorized on January 6, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at podcasting, even with no more than basic knowledge of the Audacity program, so I’ve spent this otherwise sickly day creating my very first, and I’ve decided to upload it here for any interested parties. Feedback welcome! More to come in the future!

Systems of Romance: Podcast 1

1. Lives of Angels- ‘Pavilion’
2. Adult.- ‘Hand to Phone (Cordless Mix)’
3. Cabaret Voltaire- ‘Why Kill Time When You Can Kill Yourself’
4. Jeff & Jane Hudson- ‘Pound Pound’
5. De Press- ‘The Fatal Day’
6. Silent Signals- ‘Banshee Girl’
7. Ciccone Youth- ‘Into the Groove(y)’
8. Colin Newman- ‘Order For Order’
9. Dandi Wind- ‘Monster Dinosaur’
10. The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa- ‘Fluidum’
11. Charles de Goal- ‘Synchro’
12. The Chameleons- ‘Dali’s Picture’
13. Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft- ‘Kebab Traume’
14. Pluramon- ‘Hello Shadow’
15. For Against- ‘Shine’
16. The Knife- ‘Girls Night Out’
17. Crass- ‘Our Wedding’

*download it here*

Screamers- Demos ’77-’78 LP

Posted in 1970s, 1977, 1978, LA, los angeles, punk, screamers, synthpunk on January 4, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Today’s band may not need much introduction, for even having not released a single full length record, their impact is immeasurable. Arguably the first synthpunk band (though perhaps Suicide and Devo may deserve further pioneering credit), Screamers hailed from the inner recesses of LA, and were among the first wave of the initial punk explosion. Unusually (especially at the time), the band incorporated tape loops, electric pianos, and synthesizers into their sound, mixing with the usual manic antics of the punk movement.

Screamers initially formed in 1975 as The Tupperwares, but were forced to change their name in lieu of legal action. From 1977 until their demise in 1979, the band became a LA sensation, selling out various clubs in California. Their trademark spiked hair and manic demon faces (both as their logo and part of the band’s image) became highly recognized symbols of the era. The band split before recording a proper full length (though they attempted to record a video record release, as their sound was arguably aided more by their visual presence), with Paul Roessler joining LA’s second synthpunk act, Nervous Gender soon after. Not much is known about the other member’s whereabouts, though singer Tomata du Plenty passed away in 2000.

Several bootleg releases comprised of live tapes or rehearsal demos were released in the band’s aftermath, as interest in Screamers rose as their followers (such as the Dead Kennedys, whose vocalist Jello Biafra sung their praises) gained more notoriety. I’ve uploaded one of these releases, the Demos 77-78 LP.


Screamers- Demos 77-78 LP
1. The Beat Goes On
2. Thru the Flames
3. Sex Boy
4. If I Can’t Have What I Want (I Don’t Want Anything)
5. She’s the Girl
6. I Wanna Hurt
7. 122 Hours of Fear (Part 1)
8. 122 Hours of Fear (Part 2)
9. Punish Or Be Damned
10. Government Love Affair
11. Peer Pressure
12. In a Better World
13. Vertigo
14. Magazine Love
15. It’s a Violent World

*download it here*

Basking Sharks- Shark Island LP

Posted in 1983, basking sharks, british, minimal, synth, wave on January 3, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

A request fulfillment for my first of the year, folks… This is UK wave act Basking Shark’s full length record Shark Island, released in 1983. Upon second look, I am still unable to find information about this band aside from a scant discography, but if you want to hear more from them, check my previous post on the Diamond Age 7” here.


Basking Sharks- Shark Island LP
1. Red Rose
2. Starusfa
3. Friends Of Bill
4. Charm
5. View From The Hill
6. Back To Africa
7. Forget
8. Blue Cross
9. The Dive
10. Put It Off
11. Croatia
12. Little Death

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED* — visit the official Basking Sharks site to buy official copies and a CD reissue!

To purchase the band’s best of, Back in the Deep Water, according to a comment left in my last Basking Sharks post, feel free to email for more info. Also, though it hasn’t launched yet, seems as if there will be an official web-hub coming soon at