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Basking Sharks- Shark Island LP

Posted in 1983, basking sharks, british, minimal, synth, wave on January 3, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

A request fulfillment for my first of the year, folks… This is UK wave act Basking Shark’s full length record Shark Island, released in 1983. Upon second look, I am still unable to find information about this band aside from a scant discography, but if you want to hear more from them, check my previous post on the Diamond Age 7” here.


Basking Sharks- Shark Island LP
1. Red Rose
2. Starusfa
3. Friends Of Bill
4. Charm
5. View From The Hill
6. Back To Africa
7. Forget
8. Blue Cross
9. The Dive
10. Put It Off
11. Croatia
12. Little Death

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED* — visit the official Basking Sharks site to buy official copies and a CD reissue!

To purchase the band’s best of, Back in the Deep Water, according to a comment left in my last Basking Sharks post, feel free to email for more info. Also, though it hasn’t launched yet, seems as if there will be an official web-hub coming soon at

Basking Sharks- Diamond Age 7”

Posted in 1983, basking sharks, british, minimal on September 17, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Scouring the usual channels, I’ve come up with very little information about today’s band, UK minimal wave act Basking Sharks. Origins and history otherwise undocumented, the band’s output consists of two singles and a full length record, all three released in 1983.

I’ve uploaded both sides of the Diamond Age 7” for your listening pleasure.

Basking Sharks- Diamond Age 7”
1. Diamond Age
2. New Industry

*DOWNLOAD LINKS REMOVED* Official copies and a CD reissue available from Basking Sharks dot net.