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Clock DVA- Advantage LP

Posted in 1983, british, clock dva, industrial on May 9, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Today’s rain-soaked upload features seminal industrial/electronic act Clock DVA’s most solid record, 1983’s Advantage.

The band originated in England in the late 70s, taking inspiration for their name from Anthony Burgess’ dystopian nightmare novel A Clockwork Orange. Clock DVA originally consisted of two members, Adi Newton and Steven Turner, who worked with both Cabaret Voltaire and early members of the Human League before forming the band. Their first recordings were released on Throbbing Gristle’s own Industrial Music label, and quickly, Clock DVA grew to prominence in the budding industrial scene with their experimental tape loop and synthesizer treatments. However, by the time the band recorded their follow up records, they had lost and gained members and shifted to a more structurally sound lineup, blending their experimental electronic techniques with some more conventional rock instruments.

Over the course of the 80s, the band split several times over, Adi Newton remaining the only consistent member with each reformation. The band shifted styles with each lineup change, eventually settling on a more EBM sound. Though the band never “officially” split, the last Clock DVA album was released in 1993…Meanwhile, the most current members have persued solo projects.

The 1983 LP uploaded below is the perfect hybrid of Clock DVA’s experimental and more conventional sound. I’ve attached a few bonus tracks from a CD reissue, but have left off the extended and alternate remixes that grace the end. Without any further ado, the details:

Clock DVA- Advantage LP
1. Tortured Heroine
2. Beautiful Losers
3. Resistance
4. Eternity In Paris
5. The Secret Life Of The Big Black Suit
6. Breakdown
7. Dark Encounter
8. Poem
9. Noises In Limbo
10. Black Angels Death Song


Lastly, here’s what seems to be an official myspace page, with photos, discography, and more. Click click!

Clock DVA on myspace