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Plann- Elektra Elektra LP

Posted in 1980s, 1982, de press, holy toy, minimal synth, norweigan, plann, post-punk, synthpop on January 3, 2012 by Frankie Teardrop

Let’s kick off this year right, with a generous donation of a rare Norweigan synth pop record from 1982 from the duo of Kikkan Fossum and Lillie-Ane. The former’s credentials include The Cut, who appear on the excellent Maskindans compilation as well as on A Viable Commercial.

While these two are credited as the brainchildren of the band (errr, though I’m not sure who the third guy on the album cover is), there were quite a few notable (and also several unknown) contributors credited on the LP. Arne Lund of The Cut was one of three drummers who contributed to the LP, while Andrej Dziubek Nebb (De Press, Holy Toy) provides backing vocals on a few of the tracks. There were also three bassists and several other backing vocalists on the LP. In short, it seems like this two piece had a lot of help from their friends, and almost feels like a Norweigan supergroup of sorts.

The plethora of contributors on this LP leads to a diverse collection of songs, held together by the duo’s musical vision. This is one of the more interesting (and therefore, more satisfying) synth-based LPs I’ve heard in some time, where every track sounds different, yet all are enjoyable. Try it on for size and see for yourself:

Plann- Elektra Elektra LP
1. Cherokee
2. Lillie
3. Cabriolet
4. Er Virkelighet Drøm
5. Cûda Barracûda
6. Liv Liv
7. Sûg
8. Ato Signal
9. Hvit Løgn
10. Til Evig Tid

*download it here*

De Press- Product LP

Posted in 1980s, 1982, 1990s, 2000s, de press, new wave, norweigan, polish, post-punk on May 23, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

De Press were a gloom-ridden post punk act formed in Norway during the late seventies. Their music would tread similar sonic territories as contemporaries Joy Division and the Sound, while Andrej Nebb’s vocals walked the line between unintelligible English and fluent Polish. Andrej’s history as a Polish refugee blended their gloomy sound with a series of eastern European influences, a distinguishing feature that made De Press one of the biggest bands in their homeland, even if they didn’t catch fire elsewhere.

The band’s first record Block to Block is a classic, as their sophomore effort, uploaded below. Product was released shortly after the original lineup of the band split. De Press reunited in 1991, however, and continues to release new material to this day, with Andrej Nebb remaining the only original member to date.

Here’s the info and download link for 1982’s Product:

De Press- Product LP
1. The Fatal Day
2. In a Position to Know
3. Passages
4. In a Crowded Room
5. Signals
6. Product
7. Another Man’s Sin
8. Heaven
9. Total Corruption
10. Swienty Pokoj

*download it here*