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In Trance 95- Desire to Desire 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1988, darkwave, greece, greek, In Trance 95, minimal synth, synthpop on February 18, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Yesterday’s posts focused on the darker edge of the post-punk/electronic spectrum, so today’s goal is to bring you two dancier recordings. First up, we have In Trance 95’s debut 7”, the elusive and hypnotic Desire to Desire. While the A-Side is a catchy piece of synthpop, it’s the B-side that especially grabs me, with its deep repetitive grooves. Both tracks have a bit of a Cabaret Voltaire vibe going for them, without being as abrasive.

The band formed in Greece and released this 7” in 1988 via Wipe Out! Records. In Trance 95 split for several years, but the main duo has reappeared as a band called Itenef, re-recording several of their classics and writing several new tracks with a female vocalist at the helm.

In Trance 95- Desire to Desire 7”
1. Desire to Desire
2. Brazilia

*download it here*