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Duchess Says- Noviçiat Mère-Perruche EP

Posted in 2000s, 2005, canadian, duchess says, mutant, synthpunk on December 10, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Happy Monday, ladies and gents… Today’s post features a recent favorite EP by mutant synthpunk act Duchess Says, a French-Candian outfit featuring a full lineup of guitars, drums, synths, and intensely driving female vocals.

Formed in 2003, Duchess says have released a lone EP, winning over fans with their catchy tracks and otherwise eccentricity, marrying their abrasive dancefloor sound with hyperactive stage performances and theatrics, including readings from the Pamphlet of Budgerigars, an alternate religious text created by members of the band, who claim to serve in the Church of Budgerigars. According to scattered interviews and reviews, he church primarily celebrates the consumption of beer, numerology, and the band itself.

I’ve uploaded the band’s 2005 EP, Noviçiat Mère-Perruche. Four tracks long, and featuring a cover of (previously uploaded) Six Finger Satellite’s ‘Rabies’, it’s a shame it’s so short, since it leaves you wanting more.


Duchess Says- Noviçiat Mère-Perruche EP
1. In Serial
2. Cut Up
3. Rabies (Babies Got The)
4. Black Flag

*download it here*

and for your viewing pleasure, here’s a live clip of the band performing ‘Black Flag,’ the final (and my favorite) track from Noviçiat Mère-Perruche.

Though it seems as if their initial EP is out of print, the band has made a remix single for ‘Black Flag’ available only on vinyl. Click below for a link to snap one up for yourself…

‘Black Flag’ single on Summer Lovers Unlimited
Duchess Says on myspace