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Panoramas- Amanda 12”

Posted in 1981, coldwave, french, Panoramas, polydor, post-punk on March 17, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s another French post-punk/coldwave release, dating back to 1981. Can’t seem to dig up a ton of info on Panoramas, but this particular 12” was released on Polydor. There’s also a 7” version of the record, which you can nab over at Dreams and Voices. However, this 12” features two additional tracks! The real gem of the lot is the title track. While more romantic and less dark than many of their contemporaries, these tracks are catchy as hell.

Panoramas- Amanda 12”
1. Amanda
2. Sinbad the Sailor
3. Les Secrets Du Pharon
4. Future Star

*download it here*